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Frank Herbert's Dune (1 Viewer)



This is one of the most famous Science Fiction novels ever made. This tale is about a young boy, heir to one of the many thrones and how he would shape the fate of the whole universe.

I've read War And Peace, several Hemmingway novels, LOTR, and many other classic and detailed titles, but Dune by far is the greatest piece of literature I have EVER read in my life.
Totally worth getting, try to aviod his sons work though who did earlier Dune novels.


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By earlier I think you mean the prequels. And I agree, they aren't on par with his father's work.

I loved Dune because it dealt a lot with religion on a mature level, with a very insightful manner. I would avoid reading dune if you're looking for a fast paced action sort of sci-fi. Dune is more a social commentary wrapped in the folds of a science fiction setting.

If you're looking for a good story, with the opportunity to look beyond the words to explore the deeper meanings of everything that is happening, then I would seriously recommend these books, up until about book four where it gets a bit played out.

DL Ferguson

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DUNE, along with LORD OF THE RINGS are perhaps two of the most acclaimed imaginary works of the 20th Century that I have never been able to read. I've never been able to get past page 50 of DUNE and as for LORD OF THE RINGS, I still have a volume of the trilogy I got from the SFBC way back in 1977 but I've only read certain passages and never the entire thing.

I chalk it up to the fact when it comes to science fiction I was always more drawn to the story-driven writers of the genre. As for fantasy, give me Robert E. Howard or Michael Moorcock. Tolkien was just too darn tame for me.

That having been said, I've greatly enjoyed the film adaptations of these works and am glad these works are appreciated and have found recognition in areas outside of the genre


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I've always wanted to read the first book, however, for a few years, the old movie really ruined any attemots I made on the book. That first movie did nothing for me. I knew the book would be increadibly better, but I wanted to let the movie fade out of my mind.
I supose it's about time...