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Fractured Lyrics (2 Viewers)


Friends of WF
New words for songs we know. Place the
original song title above the fractured
verses so we might sing along! A verse or
two it’s up to you or just the chorus.

I didn’t find an existing thread, if so
give a shout.

Born Free

Thought free, as free as the mind blows
as free as the cosmos
form free, you haven’t a heart


Friends of WF
Lady Madonna

Lady Obama
chillin’ at your feet
gettin ready for an evening meet and greet

Who keeps the money
safer than in stock
do you have to share it with ol’ Barack

Friday night arrives with beer and pizza
Sunday Malia creeping in at dawn
Monday’s child is looking for a visa
on the front lawn


Friends of WF
You’re So Vain

You’re To Blame

You walked into the restaurant like a bull in a
antique shop
Your eyes strategically drawn to a summer ale
the bar was your first stop
You had one hand on the waitress as
you tripped and fell on top
Of an old man who now needs stitches
now needs stitches

You’re to blame
I know you know this song is about you
You’re to blame
I know you know this song is about you
don’t you
don’t you