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Hello I've had four poems published this year, but have never got round to putting them up here.

The most recent one is published in 'Flashes of Brilliance' on the 1st of November and is called 'the dance'. That is one I wrote for 'na po wri mo' earlier this year, as are quite a few of them.

Then just before that I had two published in September -

On the 13th of September I had one called 'summer winds' published at https://festivalforpoetry.com/2021/09/13/read-poem-summer-winds-by-rj-farndon/

Then I was also published in the September issue of 'MIMAZINA' which can be found at https://mima.art/mimazina with another poem from na po called 'the storyteller'. 'MIMAZINA' is a publication by MIMA which is the 'Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art'. The publication is their outreach zine in the time of covid. An old friend of mine is an Artist and works for them doing, amongst other things, the making and producing/editing of the Zine and was short on poems so asked me to help.

Finally, I was published way back in December of 2020 with a poem that was written well before I even took part in na po. It was in in the bilingual Chinese/English Poetry Journal, Poetry Hall, the poem was called 'lamplight'. I don't think you can see that unless you buy it, but you can always just go back and look in the poetry and lyrics workshop, for I wrote it in there first. That was really cool for they translated it into Mandarin. I was really excited and bought the journal with the idea of cutting it out and framing it, Chinese version next to English, but of course they published it over a page break.

I do actually have poems that I have written since na po wri mo, but I've been saving those to try to send to journals. I just never get round to it.

Cheers to everybody who has helped me with my poems and all the many other things I've needed help with on WF (basically everyone on the site), all the best, cheers PG :)
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