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foul mood and sentiment (1 Viewer)

A Simple Man

Senior Member
I was in a foul mood all morning over this piece.

I eased up on my true feelings in the first part, which are that we have allowed this Economic Beast of consumption bring near destruction to Earth and we deserve every bit the punishment to come. Very soon now.

The transition to sentiment is real, for I gave up debate when it was clear my weak heart could thrive no where else. Please accept my sentiment in your context, be it Zen, Tau, Earth Mother, Pragmatic Morality, what have you.

here it is:

The words have been slow to flow for this Christmas reading that I agreed to write.

The reason is simply this:

I couldn’t find the Joyful noise, all I could find were reflective, melancholy words, and a heart of hope. Here they are:

We have been fortunate as a nation, community, and family. The fruits of our labors surround us like never before. We still enjoy every convenience and every freedom. The great gift of personal choice is born from prosperity, and that gift will sadly die with its lack.

We have a grim task ahead. We, as a nation, a community, and a family will need to work as hard as we can to maintain our freedoms, because the words “we just can’t afford that any more” are growing in the American psyche, and will grow to dominate the future.

It’s evident in the culture all around us. Longer hours, fewer rewards, ever chasing after diminishing supply, people resolutely giving ground bit by bit, only to be asked for a little bit more, the next day, the next week, the next year. It is what we see, and there is little reason to hope for release.

Our hope lies elsewhere, and today of all days let us together search for it.

It lies of course with the Christ Child, our heart of hope. Gather your heart today, especially the broken and wounded pieces, and bring them to His Garden. Plant them there in his Garden Fortress of Love. Leave them there to bloom new and fresh. That is what He wants today.

Go there now, and when done, let the Joyful Noise flow.

A Simple Man

Senior Member
I found my voice today on this. It says just what I wanted. Now i have to go off an' visit me gramma....
Enjoy your day
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