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Fossil traces (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
In the salt wedged between progress
and an echo of a dream giant machines
rest, stilled in the end by a lack
bigger than greed. Where mountains
once stood holes stare up at stars
imagine their peaks returned at last.
In the oceans, in the sand the imprints
of packages discarded for the worth inside.

Across the flatlines of the globe
bones sing the dirges, future minds
struggle to put the bones into a semblance
of sense out of the mass of loss, beneath land
in caverns stacked cylinders hold a poison
a thousand, thousand years in the unmaking.

Shadows of cities rest now
in the reclaimed forests, steel girders
twist into new stories for fur and feather
hold eggs and young safely above.

Buried in time, deep in the ancestral mind
memories float unheard, untold, sacred.

Who will release the casket’s dirt now?


Senior Member

I rate this, for me there is a sense of impending disaster about this, it looms over the piece and really creates the mood. What strikes me most is the way in which you utilise poetry, often a big part of our oral history and almost discount it. It’s almost saying that the sum of all our art and progress is always going to amount to nothing in the end. Ultimately who is the writer writing for? In a sense there is only ever an immediate audience.

For me my only struggle is in S1 and line two. For me it needs punctuation to separate and clarify whether it is the echo of a dream, or the echo of a dream giant.