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Forever (Micro Story) (1 Viewer)


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i wrote this for a small group on an image prompt and really ended up liking the scene it set. enjoy!

"I promise we'll be together forever."

"You know there's no such thing as forever."

Geralt shifted beneath Athea, her dragon scales making satisfying clacks as the loop on his belt passed over them.

"That's not true," He did his best to pull her eyes down toward him, a rather difficult task considering he sat propped against her chest. It rose beneath his back once, twice before Athea responded.

"Forever is unimaginable. Already my kind lives six times you manlings. How can there be a forever when I have 500 more years to live without you?"

Geralt slumped down and folded his arms. "You don't need to take everything so literally."

"Literally is often the only way things should be taken."

"And what of metaphors?"

"In a dragon's world, there is little room for metaphor. We are not social creatures such as you. Communication is a luxury, not a necessity."

"And since when have I ever been considered social?"

"Fair," Athea gave a heave of her chest, flashing her wings out, then back in quickly in the dragon equivalent of a shrug. "Even still, facing the anxiety of living for as many years as we do, there is peace in the literal."

"I suppose I can't mind whether you believe me or not. But I don't know what I meant by forever. Couldn't being remembered count?

The heat of the day was breaking, the sun resting comfortably below the mountains now. Darkness had not yet fully fallen, but the half moon's glow already shone sterling.

Athea thought for a moment again, this time five breaths, before responding.

"If you are truly still with me for my last hundred years, I cannot tell if I would be lonely or pleased. When you are alive, it is one thing. As a memory? Well, memories need not change, so in some way, it could be better. They also don't say such silly things as forever.” Geralt stuck her with his elbow where her chest met her front leg, one of the few places not coated in scaly armor. "But then also there would be no one to say such silly things as forever.”

The two sat in silence for a moment. In the distance, the sun was beginning to set behind the craggy hills, casting an uneven shadow on the lowlands and the river wrapped around its base. The evening crickets were starting their songs, and somewhere out of sight, running water trickled.

"Your memory might remain with me for many years on, but I don't know what my life will be like, and I prefer not to think about it when I don't have to."

"And you already don't believe in an afterlife."

"Just some more manthing non-sens—"

"Yes, I'm quite clear on your opinion around souls, no need to go down that hole again."

"Then truly, in what way could we be together forever?"

"As I said, I don't know what I meant by it."

An evening lark twittered nearby, and the grass at the skirt of the trees rustled in a light breeze.

"It just felt right."
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That was really cool!
To me, the dragon appears to be saying that forever is found living in the moment. Very wise dragon🙃

Do you like writing to the prompts? I have a group on Facebook where we are writing these micro stories (and music!) to member submitted paintings.

Here's one I did (story is on the video's page) :

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@starsofclay thank you! glad you enjoyed it :) loved your piece as well, the resonance of the piano with the lead so high gives a wonderful feeling of peace and hope.

apologies for the late reply, been a busy week!


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apologies for the late reply, been a busy week!
more so, a joy to find this.
i can see this
a bedtime-for-not-child-audience
map fold, maybe -
modified movie-poster-ish
illustration style.

methinks many would embrace this.
and then tuck it beneath
a favorite pillow.