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For I Choose Love... (1 Viewer)

For I Choose Love…
after Audre Lorde

I do not mix love with lies or hate with truth,
for both may result in household war or pain for youth.
Is secrecy a lie? Or perhaps simply self-preservation
for the teen terrified of the unknown,
or the adult hesitant to live their candor despite being grown?
Does truth brew hate or just familial space,
will the truth cause space between those with a similar face?
Love can withstand, like Corinthians says,
but will the misled ignore the same penman who said
love knows no end.
Will they say our “so-called love” only exists in our “tainted minds,”
will they remember that love is also kind?
I pray one day there will be little feet. She hopes they have my eyes
but will the joy of a mini-Madi make up for the hurt of severed family ties?
Who am I to deny the love of my life
though a future of living our truth is sure to strike us with social strife.


Staff member
This is a difficult subject and you have left the reader with much to ponder. Love should be so straightforward and easy and yet it so often is not. Interesting poem.