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Flying Pigsfeet (1 Viewer)


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Flying Pigsfeet

Ann had cooked the pigsfeet. Cat and Alice brought the steaks.
Clare arrived with vegees and Sarah’s tasty cakes.
Family members talked and laughed before we took our seats.
The house was filled with smells of food. I couldn’t wait to eat.

It was a lavish dinner on the eve of Halloween.
The table was bedecked with food. What a scrumptious scene!
We all sat down and bowed our heads while Pete, he said the grace.
Then, everyone began to eat at a wondrous tasty pace.

The steak was tender, the vegees right, can’t wait for cake and pie.
Poured hotsauce on my pigsfeet when something caught my eye.
All plates began to tremble. The food commenced to fling.
Shocked I was by an eerie sight. The pigsfeet sprouted WINGS !

They hovered over table. The guests were wide-eyed shocked.
Pigsfeet began to chase us like an evil was unlocked.
One divebombed and landed on top of Cat’s combed hair.
She dropped her purse and started cursing “Get the hell out there!”

Another raced ‘cross the room colliding on Ray’s thigh.
The one I saw came straight at me and barely missed my eye.
The dinner was delicious but no longer was it fun.
The guests had bolted from their chairs and now were on the run.

No sooner had they started, then silence made them STOP !
They peered around the corner and the pigsfeet all had dropped.
What made them fly’s a question. The answer? Not routine,
for we thought Twilight Zone had landed here on Halloween!
Well, that was last night’s dinner but our fears continue on
since we have breakfast invites and my stomach’s not too strong.

Before you eat those peas and corn, toast or slice of beef;
before you roast those chicken legs, look well at what you eat.
If it turns its head or winks and you miss that single cue,
you’ll think it’s hot and smelling good but this food may eat you!
Then YOU’LL be in the stew! Now give that thought a chew!
That’s all there is! Now, I’ve warned you!

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Brian - Makes a poet proud you loved the rhythm and cadence of this work. You should have seen the rewrites, revisions and reworks on this baby but I loved doing it. Thanks for stopping in and bringing your enjoyment with you. Namyh