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Flashes is looking for volunteers (1 Viewer)

Darren White

co-owner and admin
Staff member
Our Literary Magazine, Flashes, is looking for volunteers.
  • We have a small team of volunteers who help decide what poem, fiction or non-fiction has quality enough to be accepted for Flashes. This is a task that doesn't ask too much of your valuable time.
  • We are also looking for a volunteer to help us with the Flashes site. Preferably someone familiar with (running) a WordPress site. What we need is someone to upload the content (stories and poems.) Upload photos and other media.

If you wish to volunteer or want to know more before you decide, please contact me or PiP.
Thank you :)


Senior Member
This is interesting to me.

I've been looking towards getting into some small publishing/editing work as my MA in English finishes, but I have no experience in it, unfortunately. This, however, looks like a lightweight opportunity. If you need a helping hand that people would be willing to show the ropes to, I'll be around. I do, however, come with a very strong ability to pick out and critically review poems and short works in a scholarly manner. Be that what it may. And I'm a field service engineer for transmission electron microscopes, meaning that if there's something tech related, I can figure it out awful quick.

In case, you hadn't garnered any other volunteers with a solid resume, I'll be floating around.


Senior Member
volunteers who help decide what poem, fiction or non-fiction has quality enough to be accepted for Flashes
I didn't even know there were non-fictions poems. ;-)

Jokes aside, if you are short of people who'd help you decide whether or not a story or article is good enough, I can certainly give you a hand.

Please keep in mind I'm not a native English speaker, though.