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FIrst seven pages of my new comic idea... (1 Viewer)



Hey, my name is clarence and i like comic books and facism.

Page one.
Panel one.
A staircase. An ELDERLY WOMAN is walking up.
CAPTION: MY name is Clarence Lyons.
CAPTION: They call me Lawsuit.
CAPTION: You'd think i'm a lawyer or something, right?

Panel two
Staircase. LAWSUIT runs down the stairs, slightly pushing the woman. He's not clad. Boxers, vest, socks, he's holding his toothbrush.
CAPTION: I'm a TV journalist.
CAPTION: They call me Lawsuit because for every aired interview that doesn't get a lawsuit, three get my balls in a vice.
OLD LADY: Mind yourself!

Panel three
Lawsuit is looking back up, and giving her the finger.
CAPTION: Three minutes ago, I got a phonecall from Big Boss Trev.
CAPTION: The Church of Science and Technology want an interview.
CAPTION: They requested me.
LAWSUIT: Up yours, bitch

Panel four
A smile.
CAPTION: Today's going to be a great day.
Hey, my name is clarence and i like comic books and facism.
WRITTEN BY: Topher K Rees.

Page two
Panel one.
Lawsuit checks his watch. It's 8:48:12
CAPTION: The reason i'm running is because Big Boss Trev said: "Outside in five minutes. If we're not where he wants to be interviewed then the interview goes to the competitoon."
CAPTION: Big Boss Trev wants me gone... He can't afford to keep me, but he won't dare.

Panel two
He arrives at the bottom of the stairs and stumbles forward, hitting his head on a glass door, cutting it.
CAPTION: This will not be an omen for the day.
Panel three
The car pulls up outside.
CAPTION: Today, I will NOT get sued.
Panel four
Lawsuit is in the VAN with TREV. Trev is wearing a grey suit, very expensive, he has sunglasses in his pocket.
Lawsuit: Sup, Negros?
Trev: You can't be serious.
Lawsuit: The comment or the clothes?
Panel five
Trev is wiping beads of sweat off his head.
Panel six
Lawsuit is angry at Trev. Points finger in a gun fashion
Lawsuit: HEY! I know that look, you think these guys only chose me, cos i'll say something stupid, then we'll argue, and they'll sue,get some cash for their 'religion'
Lawsuit: I guess celebrities stopped joining after seeing Jon Ship going cuckoo on, heh, my interview.
Panel seven
Lawsuit relaxes. Crosses his ankle across his knee. He's taking the sunglasses from Trev's pocket.
Lawsuit: Chillax Trev, I'm prepared today.

Page three
Panel One
Lawsuit exits the car. He and the camera man begin to run towards a PICNIC AREA that has been set up. ELRON CUPBOARD is waiting there.
Panel two
The camera is set up whilst Lawsuit grabs Elron's hand and begins to shake it.
Lawsuit: Good to meet ya, Elron, good to meet ya!
Elron: Uh, it is, not custom to have contact with another person in our culture.
Panel three
Lawsuit takes a step back, startled, apologetic. Very Beano like. He's scratching his nuts
Lawsuit: Oh, Well i'm like, totally clean, I was half way through washing, so i'm totally, almost,totally clean.
Elron: Eh... You're bleeding. It is not custom to have contact with another person who is showing blood.
Lawsuit(SPEAKING OVER ELRON): Are we on? Good.
Panel four.
Close-up on Lawsuit. News-reporter Style.
Lawsuit: Hey, Kids, This is Clarence Lyons with another No Holds Barred Report.
Panel five.
Close up on Elron.
Lawsuit (o.s): Today i'm joined by The Church of Science and Technologies 'God', Elron Cupboard.
Elron: I am not God.
Panel Six
Lawsuit, smiling and looking towards Elron
Lawsuit: So Elron, What's it like to be full of shit? I stole your book when it came out, and I actually took it back. What possessed you to lie and publish it?
Elron: You may not believe in the correct religion. But I assure you, My book, Science created God states more facts The Highway Code.
Panel Seven
Panel one
Lawsuit is looking through the book.
Lawsuit: Nice plug. For those viewers out there who don't know much, i'm going to quote. Is this fine? Sure it is. 'Humanification: the process of purification from acceptence of alien descent. Upon 'Absolute-Arrival' the 'SOUL' becomes part of the body, allowing the Humanified to contact one another via brain waves'
Panel two
Lawsuit leans back in his seat and places his ankle on his leg, cross wise. His balls fall out the side. He's flicking through pages.
Lawsuit: Oh.... Here we go 'Singular Synapse Speech: The humanified should never speak, unless to spread the word to lower beings. No sexual contact should ever be made between two humans, no man should be in the presence of another bearing organs or fluids.

Panel three
Same panel as above.
Lawsuit: Oh, Here's another! Each Humanified family must have two children. These children must be born between the first day of June and last day of August.... Oh! Another! The path to Humanification will cleanse one of all disease, and allow a longer life.
Panel Four
Lawsuit lifts up his glasses and leans forward.
Lawsuit: Hehe... Well, Elron, Here's a question.
Lawsuit: What is your malfunction?

Panel Five
Close up on Elron.
Elron: I am fully functional, it is you who impure! That garment you don has foodstains! It has been worn before. You walk around endangering the lives of the Humanified! You are lucky we are immortal. You are pathetic, When you were suckling your mothers teet, We were setting the seeds to get the Humanified back our home planet! We know the secrets to life. We are the ultimate!
Panel six
Back to Lawsuit.
Lawsuit: But you have certainly contradicited yourself there. When I was 'suckling my mothers teet', you were 17, and had not written this book yet. You do not allow fluids to be passed, yet promote family. YOu..
Elron(Interupting): WE ARE THE ULTIMATE!!
Panel seven - through camera.
Elron sits angrily, as Lawsuit looks on.
Panel eight
Same as above
Panel nine
same as above
Panel ten
Lawsuit puts his hand to his mouth and points at elron with his other
Lawsuit: Cunt.

Any one want to comment?