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Wow, alot of people here have a great deal of work under their belts already. I really don't have so much- I'm on the first chapter, about 20 pages in, of my first serious work. However, I am really commitied to it, and would like to create ties in the general writing community as I muddle through it. I currently live in Asia, teaching English, and am taking the opportunity to use the setting as a really decent (I feel, anyways) backdrop for my story, which is of a fantasy/sci-fi type. I essentially wrote a chapter-by-chapter outline, and am going from there.
I'm likely going to be a lurker for a while until I really get rolling with this thing, but I'm really glad to have found you all!


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Hi In Translation,
You didn't give us a clue for your real name - but, hey, In Translation will do fine.
You've joined this community just a couple of days after me so I'm not really in a position to offer you a welcome.
However, welcome to you - maybe we can become friends.
Keep up the good (writing) work.