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I thought I'd christen this new forum with the first act of a play I wrote which.... well, I don't want to give anything away. Enjoy. (sorry I didn't bother to add spacing or italics for action descriptions, maybe later).

Fellowship of a man lost: The story of X

X, Y, Z

ACT I, scene i

Y is seated on the sofa in the living room of a city apartment, watching TV. It is early in the afternoon on Saturday. X enters the room.

X: I hafta go into town to find some clothes for tonight, ya wanna come with?
X: Okay.
Enter Z from opposite side of room
Z: What’r you guys up to?
Y jumps from the couch
Y: OH MY GOD! NOTHING!!!! NOTHING AT ALLLLLLL!!! (begins sobbing, then collapses on the floor)
X: I was just about ta head downtown to pick up some new clothes for the ball tonight. Wanna come with?
Z: Sure (sarcastically) I’ve got nothin’ better ta do today.
X: Oh yeah, I forgot about that thing ya had to do.
Y lifts his head from the floor and looks at X
X: Sorry. (addresses Z) Well I guess you should go take care of that while I go shopping. How ‘bout we meet at Mickey’s around six?
Z: Sure. How ‘bout you Y?
Y: Of course, my friend (wipes tears from eyes) Of course.
Y gets up and runs from the room.
X: So I’ll see you at six, then?
Z: Yes, old friend, we will meet at six.
Exit X
Z: Yes, old friend, we shall meet at six. . . . and you will meet your doom!!!! MWA HA HA HA!
Ominous music plays. Curtains close.

ACT I, scene ii

Old, dilapidated apartment of a drug dealer.

Knock. Knock. Dealer opens the door.
Dealer: Well, well, well. Back so soon?
Enter Y
Y: Yeah, I need some more stuff. Ya got the stuff.
Dealer: That’s what I’m here for. Come on in. Take a seat.
Dealer walks over to a chest, unlocks it and pulls out a garbage bag. Opens the bag, pulls out another small, black, plastic bag. Takes a wad of cash from Y and hands him the bag. Y: Mind if I shoot up here.
Dealer: Whatever.
Y pulls out his needle kit, puts together the needle, and shoots up.
Y: Ahhhhhh.
Y collapses on the sofa. Curtains close

ACT I, scene iii

Downtown Plaza. After finishing his shopping, X sees a fortuneteller’s booth and decides to go in.

Fortuneteller: Ahh, come in, come in and I will show you your fate.
X sits down and the Fortuneteller looks into her crystal ball.
Fortuneteller: Hmmmmm, very interesting.
Ominous music plays, again. Curtains Close.


Oh god help me...the realiizm ( I was compelled to make up a new word.)
I am a playwright (Only as good as the last one I wrote and watched in horror as it was being performed.) Maniac have you a comic/cynical one-act in you? ...'cause I know you do.
Writing plays beats up a whole different part of the cerebral matrix than any other writing form. It takes a gang of demented people with little else to do that gives live meaning, except give the boards a pound and utter the precious jewels the writer penned, like yours Maniac.
"Z: Sure (sarcastically) I’ve got nothin’ better ta do today.
X: Oh yeah, I forgot about that thing ya had to do.
Y lifts his head from the floor and looks at X

I pop in because I am interested in this as a topic but it will have to be in some earthly language and context. Unless thats the nature of the play then lets dive on in. I love being dazzled an I'm already demented. :lol: