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First loves (1 Viewer)


I am not sure this is where this goes but itis non-fiction and I am wondering about others first loves back to their teen years.This is mine in 1955.

First love(just puppy love I suppose)

This was more like puppy love as far as I can remember. I was in the seventh grade in Cincinnati Ohio. It was a nice Catholic School called St John Vianney. Why was it nice? I got good grades there. I am smiling, as I cannot say that for many of schools I attended.

I enjoyed playing basketball on our lunch breaks. One of the boys came up to me and asked me. “Why does Bonnie stare at you?” I was not even sure what he was talking about. Therefore, I asked him what he meant. It seems I was being stared at from across the room unknown to me at the time.

One of the days after that I decided to look over in her direction. She (Bonnie) turned quick to face the front of the room as I did look as if I was just looking outside. It was a beautiful spring day and school would soon be out. I was really looking forward to being out f school even though I did enjoy the seventh grade (Bonnie or no Bonnie). I looked several times and each time she turned quickly away.

During school in Spelling in Religious classes, the Sister made a contest out of our answers. It was not girl’s teams and boys team this was competition to the utmost between both genders and this I enjoyed. Why? Because Bonnie and I would run first and second a most of the time but we did have our bad days. I was not taking any particular notice of her in these contests before the stares started. I enjoyed correcting anyone ahead of me even if they made the smallest mistake and so did Bonnie. Maybe this is why she stared at me. I had no idea. We always had to change desk positions quite a bit because of all the corrections. It was fun and educational.

As you can see, I did not do well in English. Even now, I have problems with grammar and all that stuff. In high school I got better grades in the German Language.

Now school was not quite out yet and somehow I had found out where Bonnie lived. I did ride my bike up to her house just to see where it was. I did find it. I did not pursue this time and went home.

I made the mistake of telling my best friend and neighbor Jimmy about Bonnie. He asked where she lived and I told him somewhere on that certain street. He asked to see her house but on way up there, I deliberately took him the wrong way as my nerves were now shot. However, we eventually ended up in front of her house. He asked me to go knock on door and I told him “You got to be kidding, she doesn’t care about me, and it was just something in school!”
“You don’t know if you don’t try!” Then out of his mouth as loud as he could. “Hey Bonnie!” Now I was nervous, as she opened the door and came out. I looked over at Jimmy and yelled nastily. “I ought to kill you man!” Bonnie went back in the house. He was laughing and said “See what you did, you scared her!” I thought for sure that would be the end of stares for next year anyway. We went back and I was pissed off at Jimmy and myself for acting that way in front of her.

Well I did get brave enough to go back to her house the next day without Jimmy to apologize to her about me not addressing her instead of yelling at Jimmy. I got the surprise of my life after my knock, as she was as nice as could be even though my stomach was in knots. I did apologize for my actions and Jimmy’s yelling for her to come out. It was a very nice summer filled with lemonade or iced tea from her Mom. I did this about one or twice a week and put up with a meddling little sister I did not know about before getting to know Bonnie.

Her sister liked me also. She was a little too young though only in 3rd grade. We played board games and yes, little sister had to play also. We chatted about things but never went out. We did bike rides down and up her street a few times. Sometimes the little sister had to join us to our dismay. .

Some days on the visits we just sat on the front porch swing, talked, and actually held hands. I was a bit nervous the first time this happened, but she accepted my hand and hers felt so nice and soft... We never kissed though. Maybe it was because the closeness of her mom and little sister being right inside the house.

I liked Bonnie, we did talk about our competition in school, and Bonnie admitted she was embarrassed about the staring. She did admit she liked me.
There was another girl in school named Barbara who somehow knew that I liked Bonnie but she did not know about the visits to Bonnie’s house had started right before school year ended. Barbara was 2nd on my list. I had made a list in order of the way I liked the girls and I am not sure how Barbara found out. She wanted to know who was 2nd on my list. It was her but I was so embarrassed that she knew I could not tell her. Barbara tried to make herself my female friend and I was not sure how Bonnie would take that. Later Bonnie explained to me that Barbara is just that way and thought it was somewhat cutesy about my list and of course, she knew she was number one.

When school ended, there was no more Barbara friend to my relief. Bonnie was my girlfriend for the summer and it was good.

I still played with the guys baseball softball and ride bikes but no one knew about Bonnie and yes Jimmy did as he was invited to one of the lemonade days in Bonnie’s backyard. She had asked to meet the guy that yelled her name. This time he was nervous and I thought for sure he would steal Bonnie away. It never happened and he thought she was very nice and the little sister made him more nervous as she bugged him asked him all kind of questions. He told me later that Bonnie and her mom were nice. He said but he could not say much for the little sister and we both laughed at that.

It was late August and I get devastating news. We are moving to Chillicothe. This would be our seventh move. My parents had planned this earlier I suppose. My Dad worked for the B&O and they moved him a lot. Sometimes he did not like the place he lived then he decided to move. One day I was told to stay home and was not sure why.

Bonnie calls and asks me to come to visit before she goes on vacation. I asked when and it was today. I had to tell her about the move. I did mention it to her on the phone and she sounded worried. My dad was asleep on the couch so I decided to bike to her house as fast as I could. My nerves are rattled again as I was not sure what we would talk about.

As I biked around the corner to her street, a car is pulling out of the driveway. I yell but I am not close enough to them to hear. Bonnie was in back seat as I watched them drive away and go on there last vacation before school starts. Bonnie never looked back. It was over. I could feel tears swelling up inside of me.

We moved to Chillicothe, I wrote one letter to Bonnie, and she wrote one back. She said she was very sad that she missed me that day as her parents decided to leave earlier than was expected. My first real girlfriend, my first love. Probably just puppy love. My first real hurt. There was another girl named Bonnie in a small West Virginia town before her but nothing like this nice young lady. There were no more letters.


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Dennis, that was so sweet. I was glued to the page. Have you tried to look for Bonnie on the Internet? I think you should. I wish I could tell about my first love but I can't...yet.


Finding Bonnie

Bonnie would be my age now. 65. I have used Reunion and classmates.com to no avail. We moved several more times after Chillicothe Ohio. It was not easy keeping friends. But I did find a very nice woman who I have been married to for 40 years.