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Finally taken the plunge! (1 Viewer)



Hello all!
I'm new to this forum and am delighted to say that I have finally published my first book.
I hope I can be a constructive member here and maybe pass on some of my experiences in the publication route.
I have always been a writer of sorts...poems, short stories, but in my case the real desire to publish came later in life...I'm past 40.
My style is factual based fiction, although my new book is based entirely on fact.
Is one allowed to mention their new book here?
Thanks for reading this.


Senior Member
Welcome to the forum, Rufino! I'm pretty sure you can say more on your book, but as you can see I'm quite new here as well. xD I'm curious about what its on though!

Hope you enjoy your stay and I look forward to learning what I can from you and the others here! ;)

Dr. Malone

Nice to meet you! I'd really be interested in the name of your book. I hope I can learn from you.


Book title

Thanks for replying.
The book is called Ten to Seven and as the author, my real name is Marc Thomas.
You can see more at my profile (as I can't post a link here yet) or search amazon
I self published by the way.