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Finally creating an AUDIOBOOK (1 Viewer)


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My 2 nonfiction books have been on the market approx. 1 year now, and this month I finally decided to create an Audiobook for each of my books. Whenever I looked into doing an audiobook via ACX in the past, I wasn’t sure if I could make any $ (I’m told nonfiction audiobooks generally sell less than fiction audiobooks) and didn’t want tospend big $$$ to create an audiobook. But then I discovered royalty share option via ACX whereby the narrator can agree to do all the work to create the audiobook in exchange for splitting theroyalties of future sales with the author. So I have no investment and nothing to lose by doing a royalty sharing agreement. Another concern I previously had about using the royalty sharing option is whether an experienced/talented narrator would be willing to enter into royalty sharing where many of the experienced narrators (aka “voice actors”) prefer being paid upfront (e.g.,$200 per finished hour or more).

When I submitted both of my books in ACX earlier this month, I was pleasantly surprised that 30 or more narrators submitted an audition for each of my books and several auditions were excellent. From there,
I sent messages to each narrator that I was interested in to ask about their experience, whether they do this work full-time or part-time (which usually drives how fast they can complete the work) and whether they have their own equipment, etc. From there, I picked my narrator and that person started the work. The process only took a few weeks for my shortest book (estimated 1.5 hours total length) and one of my audiobooks is already completed and headed to retailers (should be available for sale within the next 2 weeks). My other audiobook it longer (estimated 3.5 hours total length) is close to being completed and should be available for sale not long after my first one. Whether I make any profit remains to be seen.

Just curious if anyone else here has had experience creating audiobooks via ACX recently and if so, what did you think of the audiobook creationprocess and did you have many audiobook sales when it hit the market?
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Congrats! I'm interested in turning my book into an audio book as well in the future. Is there other places to find narrators? :)


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Any chance of an update on this? Has the process continued to go smoothly, have sales justified the expense (or did you go for the profit-sharing option?) etc....