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Film Opening (hows my form) (1 Viewer)


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Just a little opening, nothing real serious, just wondering about the mechanics of the whole thing, I know there are plenty of mistakes. I know the diologue is formated improperly, this is somtng I'm trying to figure out.

EXT. Highway- Night

POV: We FLY along on the highway on the hood of a Bronco time lapsed. The voice DENTON FULLER chimes in over a loud stereo playing “Habanera From Carmen ” on poor cassette tape quality. This interlocked with the fast paced, cranked up voice of Dentin and the blazing traffic sounds makes for a pretty hectic car ride.

It’s a high-speed pursuit now… Between the me now
and the me I left back in LA. I hope to got that bastard
doesn’t catch up, because I’m out of booze and straight
pissed. Haven’t slept for three days now and I’m starting
to fight off the delirium.

The camera SPINS around to look at Denton, at the wheel of the beast, hollering into a tape recorder microphone.

I can only hope there are no stops until mourning. Only
Fifteen minutes ago, had I dragged my emaciated body
into a truck stop…

Dissolve to:

INT. Truck Stop- Day

Audio carries over. “The Habanera” looses its poor tape quality. Dentin staggers through the jangling glass doors and staggers up to a counter. The camera caulks and sinks.

Dentin V.O
…and purchased enough caffeine to keep me awake
until Minnesota…

EXTREME CLOSE UP: Dentin’s crumpled fifty-dollar bill being tossed at a cashier.

EXTREME CLOSE UP: Pills being slammed into Dentin’s sweaty mouth.

Cut to:

INT. Bronco (moving)- Later

Dentin still yells into his microphone, a freshly light cigarette now obstructing his speech a bit.

Jesus Christ… Minnesota, that a long way to go on
no hope at all. And definitely with so little booze.

CLOSE UP: Same footage of Dentin popping pills.

I guess this is the end for old Dentin Fuller.
I’ll be seeing you all in hell I suppose. I'll leave you
with this. No one is ever who they appear to be. Ever.
And if you think they are, then watch out... because
they have tricked you and decipher you just like
every other useless piece of shit that walks the

The camera pans from its position in front passenger seat, diagonally, to the back left seat, then it positions itself to look out the window and watch Dentin’s tape recorder fly out from the driver side window, and collide with the pavement. The camera spins, following the wreckage as the car speeds on, watching it through the rear windshield for a few moments. And as we look upon the wreckage we see another item fall: A box of tapes.

Cut to:

INT. Bedroom- Mourning

The hand of what seems to be a young boy, places a box of dusty scratched onto a table, inserts one into a into a player, and clicks the play button.

(Through tape player)
I’ll see you all in hell I suppose…

The sound of the tape recorder smashing on the road is heard.

CLOSE UP: The hand pushes the “rewind” button.


The tape audio of Dentin dictating is heard, over black title cards with white text.

Dentin V.O
(On tape)
Dentin Fuller, reporting on project title: Crack Pipe
Love Child, a look at the next revolutionaries of
Rock and Roll. I am currently in, Culver City
California, staring out of my Taxi cab at Club “Nitty
Gritty”. Inside, the band and media sensation Stiff-lip
are getting ready to be interviewed and scrutinized
by me. This band has been described as “The
illegitimate love child of the Beatles, The Doors and
Nirvana” and, as the title of the project suggests the
band that is said to personify the youth of today.

Tape pauses with a click. Credits end.

Cut to:

INT. Taxi Cab- Afternoon

A cleaner, calmer, put together Dentin sits in his cab. He’s not the same man. Be opens up a satchel where a large 1980’s make tape recorder sits. He stuffs the microphone back in the bag and pulls out a note book. He begins to scrawl something down.
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This could just be the format for the Australian Film Industry, but shouldn't the slug line have dawn, day, dusk and night as opposed to morning, afternoon, evening and night?


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sorry, but it's all wrong for hollywood format... you can email me for format guides, as well as help correcting all the problems here, if you want it...

love and hugs, maia
[email protected]