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First, I'd just like to say hi to everyone, this being my first post. I'm not a professional writer, but hope to be someday. In the meantime, a friend of mine has been talking with me about creating a film and I've volunteered to write a script. Anyway I have an idea, although perhaps a little vague and undeveloped, and I'd like to get some advice. I typed a little outline-thing of the idea, so here it is:

Two life-long friends have moved to California to pursue their passion of starting a series of graphic novels. Early on, the business they had created from the ground up is destroyed in a fire. Arson is suspected, but it is never fully pursued.
When the film begins, the two friends have lost hope in their dreams, and are spending the last of their money on breakfast. They realize that if nothing they don’t take action of some kind, this will be their last real meal for a considerable amount of time.
Because of their dire situation, the discussion between the two friends begins with the outright fear and anger over their loss. Fate is questioned, (especially by the protagonist) and seeing little hope for their initial life goals the two consider new ideas of how to scrape by.
As the secondary friend comes up with several good, wholesome ideas to earn a living, the eye of the protagonist is caught by someone who has left their wallet/purse sitting on the table next to them. As he stares, thinking of the easy money he could make only several feet away, his friend grabs his attention once more, annoyed. While trying to explain what the protagonist wasn’t paying attention to, (because of the wallet/purse) the protagonist fails to see someone who turns in the wallet/purse to the counter and is rewarded.
One way or another, the two friends split apart. The protagonist chooses a darker path with which to make a living while the other pursues a more admirable route. The protagonist’s first step down this immoral path is robbing a house. He comes very close to being caught, but when he scores the lute, the rush is too much. There’s no stopping him from the new life he will pursue.
Years pass, and our protagonist has found work for a mafia-esque criminal. Robbing stores, and “whacking” people are now the norm. He has also slipped into drug use and looks frightful and death-like. After one particular job, he arrives back home (shabby and disgusting) and flips on the television. The news reports a gunfight downtown which inadvertently resulted in the injury of none other than our protagonist’s former best friend. The main suspect: his crime lord boss.
Upon this discovery, the protagonist gets involved in a fight with his boss, wounding him enough to get away. Heavy drug use ensues, and when he once more “comes to” he eventually comes to the realization that he owes it to his friend to escape the life he has lead and wreak vengeance upon his former boss. In doing so, he will have to track down his old friend, reconcile their differences, and escape the hit men which are now inevitably on his tail.

The overall theme of the film is that fate does exist, but nobody is controlled by it. Something will happen, either good or bad, but what you do with the cards you’ve been dealt is up to you. The protagonist’s friend chose the moral and upstanding path, (and was very successful at the time he was shot.) Both he and the protagonist had been “dealt the same cards,” but each chose a different course of action.


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this is a theme that's been done many, many times, so you'll have to come up with something really new and fresh, to make yours more than a poor man's clone of classic-to-grade-z films that go back to the 30s...

if you have no knowledge of the screenwriting craft, that's a second major strike against you succeeding here... unless this is just something you intend to cast, direct, and shoot yourselves, on a shoestring budget, just for the heck of it...

i mentor many aspiring screenwriters, but don't help with work that has violent content, so i'm afraid i can't help you any further with this... you should go to some of the screenwriting sites for help, as no one here seems to be that involved in writing for film...

here are the forums i'd recommend:


Well, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I respect the honesty, I need all the help I can get. As you were obviously aware, this is to be a VERY amateur project, consisting of about 1% budget and 99% passion for the work. I'll definitely give those other sites a look though, and thanks again.


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Neat idea, I think this movie would be very cool if it was shot in a style similar to the movie "twist" with Nick Stahl.