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Filling Holes (1 Viewer)

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#27 Filling Holes

Holes to fill when laughter stops, into rivers, tributary’s flow.
Banks widen, volume rushing land to sea. Damn, flood, swell, lake.
Creativity’s stream a part of me, breathing eating, one dream, end goal,
sense of self, purpose, my dilemma when comedy ceased to be.

They’d say, Real world joining. Day job searching. Crafting hours of material is not?
Resume, interviews, lack of diploma or business reviews. Internal fortitude.
Easy to say, harder to practice, ignoring these self-deprecating thoughts.
Can’t you see my vision? Sturdy legs carry this body of work. Salmon upriver to nest.

One man who longed to be John Gotti, welcomed me, arm out stretched, fingers crossed.
Sell digital media for my company, mega bites of bits, silk screened, packaged, drop shipped.
Not talking Hendrix hits, abstracts of scientific research, business applications.
Evolution ate dinosaurs. Streaming internet, a spider’s web of terra bites consumed CDs

Commuting, one worker bee messaged me. His license plate of vanity read,
stay resilient. Selling knack, I have. Vision, never lacked. Fulfillment’s quench, I thirst.
Scratch the itch, middle of my back, down laughter poured, sweet nectar.
Poetry? Possibilities. Infancy, first crawl to walk, arms outstretched, fingers crossed.


Friends of WF
Dear H,
I’m not one who critiques often, theres others more
capable...but I always like your poems, they’re earthy,
emotional, deep, and spiritual. Keep writing.


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Thank you Eve. This challenge has been wonderful. Because of work, I haven’t had as much time to tear down and rebuild so I always post hoping that my thoughts, images and rhythms were complete enough to be conveyed. What an inspiring experience. Very spiritual.
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