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Fighter pilot & the boy (1 Viewer)


Fighter pilot & the boy

Right from the launch the enemy was near,
Not a moment to lose, he tucked up the gear.
A sharp bank to the left as bullets wizzed past,
A twist and a curl he turned so fast!
Two shots in the wing and one in the tail
He banked once again, dodging bullets like hail.
Pulling back on the stick as hard as he might
Thrown into loop— 'till the foe was in sight!
The ratta-tat-tat of his auto-gun rattle
Smoke burst from the target to end off the battle!
But our hero was not yet out of the gate,
The holes in the wing had sealed his fate.
He spotted a clearing and without a falter
Crash landed the plane right into the water!

The little boy ran and plucked out the jet
"Daddy, daddy!" he cried, "the paper is wet!"
"Not to worry my son, let that one recover,
I have more paper and will fold you another."