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Feastie Beasties (1 Viewer)


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Feastie Beasties #5

Now to bed
sleep deep not lightly
in your slumber
you’ll meet the dead

They prey upon
the weak and wounded
that’s what beasties
feed and gnaw on

Think good thoughts,
while sleep is falling
block the darkness;
be not distraught

Don’t get caught
in nightmares fancy
winged beasties posed as pixies
so enchanting much too chancy

Befalling heartache lay to rest
no need to join the dispossessed
stay alert not dark and dreary
while you sleep or you’ll pay dearly

Beastie Commentary:

if you bads we so glads
when you sleeps you're ours to keeps

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Wow, everyone wants to see the beastie feast! You gorralottaviews.

In Stanza 4, Line 4, grammarians would want 'too'; I love the repetition of a syllable in 'enchanting . . . chancy'.