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Fear and Loathing in Your Own Backyard (1 Viewer)

Fear and Loathing in your own Backyard...

Now it's my turn to drag these rotting bastards into the light to watch them squirm and burst into a fit of flames and incoherent screaming. You know the ones I'm talking about, but if you don't, watch CNN for sixty seconds. Those of you who matter will know who to hate in the first forty. This Civics lesson is brought to you by the struggle in Iraq, which also happens to be brought to you by the pigs in charge. These are the bastards I was talking about. The image of President of the U.S. has evolved from colonial freedom seeker to C.E.O. of the richest country in the world. Bush and his team of executives are looking to push it even further, turning America into the perverbial piggy bank (no pun intended). The fact of the matter is that the old men in charge have adapted to the exponential growth of the title of rich and they keep busy all day, nearly everyday, to keep the phrase, "the rich get richer" alive any way they can. That's where Iraq comes in.
I'm not saying, "Fuck our troops" or "Fuck America". I love this country as much as the next guy, maybe more. I feel sorry for every single soldier in that desert and I kick myself because I'm not fighting alongside them. I'm sure their ten times more displeased with Bush, and I bet they'd string him up by his velvet, embroidered bathrobe where Saddam's statue once stood. I want support for our troops, and most of that, now, is making sure the right people know that no one is behind this war, including the troops.

It's up to us...


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Agreed. Out of all the people who have ever lived, Thompson is very close to the top of my "I wish I could meet" list. Legend of a man, with some great, great pieces of writing to his name.

Nice piece by the way. Always like to see some Gonzo. However I don't think anyone can match Hunter S. Thompson's use of language. Stay politically aware and rational, while giving the allusion of complete incoherence and mania. This is good though.
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