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I have 3

Orson Scott Card - the Ender books
Peter F Hamilton - Night's Dawn trilogy
Ayn Rand - the fountainhead; atlas shrugged



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I have 4

Jack Kerouac-On The Road
William S. Burroughs-Naked Lunch
Allen Ginsberg-Howl
Walt Whitman-a myriad of things


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You're kidding, right? Pick one?

1. JK Rowling- Harry Potter Series
2. Stephen King- Dark Tower 1-4 (the best ones)
3. Daniel Handler- The Basic Eight, Watch Your Mouth, A Series of Unfortunate Events
4. Dr. Suess- The Butter Battle Book
5. Susanna Clarke- Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
6. Neil Gaiman- Neverwhere


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I'm with demonic. Picking one?

1. Amy Witting - I For Isobel
2. John Marsden - Checkers, The Tomorrow Series, Dear Miffy, Letters From The Inside, So Much To Tell You...
3. Francesca Lia Block - Violet and Claire
4. J.K. Rowling - The Harry Potter series
5. Daniel Handler - A Series Of Unfortunate Events
6. Sally Rogers-Davidson - Spare Parts
7. Melina Marchetta - Looking For Alibrandi

... off the top of my head...


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id say, and i really havent read that much, yet

franny and zooey, jd salinger
ulysses, james joyce
soft machine, william s burroughs
do androids dream of electric sheep, philip dick
great gatsby, f scott fitzgerald
malcolm x bio, alex haley

my fav?
soft machine