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Favorite Fictional Characters (1 Viewer)


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I put this here, because I've no idea where it should go. I leave that to the Mod's discretion. The reason it goes here by default, in my view is because "Fictional Character" is intentionally vague and can encompass any form of media. Movie, Video Game, Book, TV series, Anime, Cartoon or Comic, there are some characters that stay with us because, well, they resonate. Maybe they are well-written, or maybe they are just relatable.

Just mention your favorites and a reason why you like them. I'm interested in hearing why some Characters are so iconic. Or just list them. Think of it this way: If you could host a party of any Fictional Characters, which would you invite?

A few of mine that I thought up on the fly:

  1. Swamp Thing/Pamela Isley - And odd first choice, I know. I find both characters to be likeminded in that they are obsessed with the natural world. Swamp Thing is a living embodiment of the Green Man. Pamela might be a villainess, but I could easily see her point of view and might even champion her if she were real.
  2. Nero Wolfe - Nero Wolfe is the first detective in this list and there are a lot of them. He distinguishes himself from detectives, not in his brilliance of solving a crime, but in his manipulation of his prey. His methods of obtaining evidence and shaking villains loose is actually quite frightening.
  3. Columbo - Columbo is a villain. Every episode is an exercise in stalking, unravelling and convicting all while pretending to be the most unassuming, likeable and indulging bumbling fool.
  4. Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal is humbling. Watching him speak and deal with people on his own terms is unsettling. There is such a disparity between his intellect and those around him that it almost breaks suspension of disbelief.
  5. Richard Blaine - A damaged Samaritan that has withered into an unnatural cynic. By the time we meet him, he's forgotten how to treat people like people. Only Casablanca itself can right him, as the place's treatment of other people clearly dig into his sense of justice. He's wry, witty and brooks no foolishness.
  6. Adrian Monk - Another damaged character, but one who is unique in that his damage has enhanced and empowered him in a very specific field. One which he was already proficient.
  7. Sherlock Holmes - None of the characters on this list hold a candle to this man's supernatural grasp and application of logic. In his own way, he is a bit of a Gary Stu. He's almost too perfect and his skill is godlike, whether it's planning a trap, disguise or being able to read a situation at a glance.
  8. Hercule Poirot - What Sherlock lacks in compassion and kindness, Hercule supplies. He's far more arrogant and demanding than the Baker Street detective, but he has a plentiful and considerate reserve of genius.
  9. Dale Cooper - Most likely the worst detective on this list, which still qualified him as a genius. His foes are more supernatural than Holmes, Poirot, Wolfe or Columbo, so there's an argument that he has a much harder job. But he is a cheerful and sweet human being. He is easily the most likeable character here. And while he doesn't always come out on top, he has never sacrificed his beliefs and values.
  10. Bartleby - A kindred spirit.
  11. Horatio Hornblower - Horatio's largest appeal is seeing him go from a seasick greenhorn to a legendary commander. He doesn't rattle easily if at all and is the most capable of all these characters. He's a man of action and quality.
  12. Zatoichi - Zatoichi is a late edited entry. He might vie for most likeable character with Dale Cooper, but has bad habits. He was a criminal, he drinks and gambles/cheats. He doesn't want to be who he is, but is cornered time and again by his reputation. His world never forgave him for his past, so he spites it by protecting the weak and helpless. He doesn't do this for money. He does it because it is who he is now. Blindness can't stop him and neither can anyone else. A word of advice, villains, leave him alone before he kills all of you.

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The Fool - able to slip into any situation, and possibly a gay man.
Aoi - The Laughing Man did nothing, but got blamed for everything.
Gonff - a criminal, but still the hero’s best friend.
Hedwig - Harry’s friend, and against Voldemort.
L - a detective, but frail.


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The first one that springs to mind is Edmund Blackadder 2, one of the most inspiring characters ever.

Then there was a guy named Thane in one of the Battlestar Galactica books. The episode where they went to destroy that gigantic laser. I can't remember if he existed in the TV series too.

It seems that in most cases I don't like so much a character as such, but several characters in their interactions, or I like a character because he's a part of an amazing story.

Oh... almost forgot. Cady Heron! Awesome!


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Judicator Aldaris -- a complex mix of someone who should technically be a good guy, but has several instances of being stubborn and going his own way, while on the other hand being insightful and wiling to change if necessary.
Apollo Creed -- a complex mix of someone who is very competent, but lets his own ego drive him to places he shouldn't go. Simple and determined, and yet compassionate in his own way. Plus I think it's interesting that he's pretty much Rocky's fairy godfather in films 1-3. Always comes out to save the day.


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Sherlock Holmes. Seriously perfect being. Nothing ever escapes his notice. He’s well-read, with a vast amount of knowledge on anatomy, chemistry, psychology, on and on... Plus, he’s an expert swordsman and well dressed to boot. Perfect!

Mr. Darcy Jeez, It’s probably safe to say I’m obsessed. Love the book. Seen every version of him, except for the zombie one. That one doesn’t count, I refuse to acknowledge it as anything other than garbage. However, I have watched the Indian version and the silly Hallmark one I think it was. Mr. Darcy has got his faults, but he owns up to them. He’s honorable and loyal. Plus, he’s Mr. Darcy.

Aomame (1Q84) She’s logical, notices when things are off. Strong willed and deadly, capable of leading a double life as if it were the norm.

Dale Cooper, yes, most definitely agree with you. I love his cheery nature during the most awful of times. Fascinating character to watch.

Vegeta (DBZ), because he’s the best.

Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings)So, I love him almost as much as Mr. Darcy, more? Gosh, maybe. He is able to look at things from all perspectives. Worked hard for what he had, what he wanted, what he got. He was cunning and charismatic. Can see the use in things, people, that others might have taken for granted. Not afraid to try something new. A loyal friend. A great leader who cared about his people. Human in every sense of the word.

Honorable Mentions

Jack from Lost, only ever wanted to do the right thing. Big heart.

Agent Mulder, he just wanted the truth.

Both Claire and Jamie, Outlander. I love their love.


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Don't throw things!

I was in my first month of the 4th grade and just discovering science fiction. I began reading The Star Beast by Heinlein, and Star Trek premiered the with The Man Trap, and continued on showing a future I'd have loved to join.

Captain Kirk. :) He was fallible, but showed tenacity that leached into my soul. I don't give up, and I always strive for a solution. That was Kirk. When they killed him (TWICE!) in Generations, I shed tears. Kirk had influenced the foundations of my character for decades.

Monk is fantastic, but ONLY because they settled on Tony Shalhoub. When I read the list of other actors considered, I shudder. Michael Richards would have overplayed that role so egregiously the series would have been cancelled in the middle of the first season. Shalhoub was brilliant, as he is in every role.

Honorable mentions: Tarzan, Perry Mason, Thorby (Citizen of the Galaxy, and the reason I wrote the sequel), R. Daneel Olivaw (could have been Elijah Bailey, but R. Daneel was in more books), Corwin (Chronicles of Amber), Lovejoy, Retief, Fafred and the Grey Mouser (I have two cats named in their honor, though I'm lazy and Fafred just gets called Fred).
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