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Favorite Fiction Author if You Had to Pick Just One (1 Viewer)

Pamelyn Casto

WF Veterans
I love the thread topic. I'm a heavy reader (as are most writers) so favorites keep increasing in number since there are so many talented writers out there. But today, if I can pick just one, I'll choose Eduardo Galeano, a Latin American writer who has received many international writing prizes and who writes in the flash literature genre. (Unfortunately, he recently passed away.)

On the shelf above my computer desk I have three of his collections: Children of the Days, Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone, and The Book of Embraces (I honestly feel like I need all his collections and just might have to treat myself to an extra Christmas present.)

This is what the Philadelphia Inquirer says about his national bestseller, Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone (and I agree 100%): "A genre defying work that combines poetry, narrative, fiction, journalism, social analysis, and political opinion to tell the story of all the people who have been sacrificed for our progress."

In this collection each of his tiny stories are usually a page or a half-page long. But what exceptionally powerful short-shorts they are. Yes, he's today's favorite (and will always remain a favorite). Now that I've pulled his collection off my shelf to quote from I'll have to spend even more time reading and re-reading his amazing work.


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Robert Heinlein. He was the first sci-fi I read (The Star Beast), and at about the same time Star Trek premiered. The two encounters together launched my sci-fi interest. I had just started the 4th grade.


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If I had to pick one. Lois McMaster Bujold. Writes both SF and fantasy that is really about the characters, with some of the best worldbuilding out there.

Pamelyn Casto

WF Veterans
I hope it's okay to comment on people's favorites. (I'm still learning how to navigate this system.) Vranger spoke of Robert Heinlein. The only Heinlein I've read was A Stranger in a Strange Land and I loved it. I took a course in science fiction and that was one of the books we read. There were several great science fiction writers we also read but Heinlein is one of my wanna-reads. I've always meant to read more of his work because he is a true word-spinner. So much of what he says is so memorable, so philosophical, so pertinent.

I used to have a Heinlein go-to phrase stuck in my mind-- from A Stranger in a Strange Land. But I can't remember it now, years later. I was always conjuring up his words-- I think it was maybe just a sentence long. Anyone have any idea what that one liner might be? My mind misses it. It was so serviceable at that time. I'd like it back, please.

So many books, so little time . . .

bazz cargo

Retired Supervisor
This is a crime. A top ten would be just about doable.
At the moment, and it will change, my go to reading is Terry Pratchett.
As the title says, who is your favorite fiction author if you could only pick one?
And why?

I like reading pulp fiction. My favorite author is Raymond Chandler.
The wit of his prose is absolutely amazing.