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Favorite Authors of all Time (1 Viewer)


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Gary Paulsen is one of the greats for me. His books just do something for me.

DJ MacHale, the Pendragon series, it just is full of action and adventure. I love it!

There's so many others, who are yours and why?


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theres another thread like this floating around, but ill bite anyway.

J D Salinger

Mordecai Richler

Salman Rushdie

Franz Kafka

Bret Easton Ellis

ms. vodka

Oscar Wilde.

Earnest Hemingway.

Charles Bukowski.

Anais Nin.

Tom Robbins.

Anne Rice.

Stephen King.

John Irving.

Aldous Huxley.

(I'm sure I'll think of more later)

All because they have written things that I have ended up carrying with me. As I get older, the load gets heavier.



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Isn't it Ernest Hemingway? instead of Earnest? I always thought it was Ern...

maybe I'm wrong...I dunno...But I have actually heard of some of those... Stephecn King Especially. The Talisman is a great book.


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Crash_Tomas said:
I've only heard of Salinger, the others are gibberish to me, lol. 17 years old will do that I guess...

i actually find that surprising.

The Metamorphosis (Kafka), American Psycho (Ellis), Satanic Verses / Midnight's Children (Rushdie), and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (Richler).

none of these ring a bell? at all?

ms. vodka

no, you're prolly right.

spelling has never been my strong suit.


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A few in no particular order

Stephen Erikson
J.R.R. Tolkien
Desmond Bagley
Wilbur Smith

ZB Fischer

SE Hinton is amazing...

I think Charles Dickens has good stories, he just goes too slow for my taste. I like him but don't love him.

I've never really liked Steven King's writing, though I respect him and I really liked On Writing.

Johnathan Stroud is good, I liked the Bartimaeus Trilogy.

Darren Shan has a shallow writing style but is enjoyable.

Holly Black is good...

Nancy Farmer's really great.

JRR Tolkein is beyond genius. The Lord of the Rings is okay, but the world he created is incredible. He put so much into Second Earth...

Christopher Paolini is okay, but not as good as Tolkein...

That's all for now...

ZB Fischer

Yeah, that's my bad. I need to think through my posts more. I also need to make sure I use 'threw' instead of 'through' when 'threw' is the correct word... Cause I mess up on that a lot.


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I like many of the same as all you, here's a few though that I really love that others may not mention:

Confucious, Fu Hsi - The Taoist I Ching
Lao Tsu - Tao Te Ching
Tsunetomo Matsumoto - The Hagakure
Grimm - The Wolf and the Fox
Homer - Anything he touched pen to, especially The Odyssey
Cervantes - Don Quixote of the Mancha
Plutarch - Plutarch's Lives (Dryden Translation)
Russel Means - Where White Men Fear to Tread (autobio)
Heinz Guderian - Panzer Leader
St. Thomas Aquinas - Collected Works, especially his Disputations
Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat

May add more later, I'll look through my collection ;)



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Orson Scott Card- OSC- OSCard- Whatever, Ender's Game and the Homecoming series are all tremendous, he has a lot more stuff too, heck I'm reading his book on character's and viewpoint right now.