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Fave Canlit Authors (1 Viewer)


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Being the patriotic sonuvabitch that I am, I've decided to pump you all for canlit praise.

My favorite Canadian writers:

Douglas Coupland:

Generation X, Microserfs, Hey, Nostradamus! and so on.

Mordecai Richler:

Barney's Version, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Solomon Gursky Was Here, etc.

Margaret Laurence:

The Diviners, Stone Angel, etc.

Margaret Atwood:

Oryx and Crake, The Circle Game, Lady Oracle, Handmaid's Tale, etc.

Laurence Garber:

Tales from the Quarter


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Yes! Another Can Lit nut!
Douglas Coupland is my #1 author, by far. I also like Brian Doyle, though he writes for children. Last summer, I started collecting books in the New Canadian Library, which I got mostly from used bookstores. I now have over 100, and many to read. Some other authors and books...

Richler: Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! (I'm interested in the Quebec seperation issue so this was great for me)

Leacock: Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich

Coupland: anything, but mostly Life After God

Roberts (Charles G. D)- In the Heart of the Ancient Wood (may be for children, but offers some great descriptions of New Brunswick)

Atwood: Procedures to the Underground (or something like that: it's poetry)

Nowlan, Alden: Any of the shorter poems

Cohen, Leonard: An Exchange of Gifts (All of his poems and songs in one book. A gem.)

I can't think of any more, but I'm sure I eventually will. I love CanLit though...