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Fascism and It's Appeal to the Affluent (1 Viewer)


In a libertarian society of people of differing socio-economic levels, there inevitably exists an undeclared caste system which renders those individuals with the most wealth as the most powerful in terms of social, eeconomic, and political influence. The underpinnings of such a society are usually inscribed in a written or unwritten constitution or carta, which theoretically proclaims the equality of every citizen of the society under the law. Checks and balances may even be installed by constitutional requirement in a government supposedly representative of the masses to ensure that legislative, executive, judicial usurpations do not occur.

Yet, over a period of ten decades or more, such a society can be mutated from its theoretical charter of representative democracy to a practical working model of plutocracy, or rule by the wealthy and the affluent. This brand of political regime can effectively wave a banner before other nation-states declaring that the society is actually governed by the will of the people. The majority of the electorate can also be made to believe that everything done legislatively or through executive fiat is in their best interest. This is where the element of control over the lives of lesser mortals becomes a political mechanism for the benefit of the affluent ruling class.

The suggestion that the will of the combined peoples of a supposedly libertarian society is reflected by the results of a federal election is hardly valid when less than forty percent of the electorate vote. This is what the affluent caste of such a society depend upon to maintain their margin of power. When more than fifty percent of an electorate are more concerned about providing the basic necessities of life for themselves or their families than who gets elected to represent them in Congress, political apathy will abound. This allows the five percent of the nation who have control of ninety-eight percent of the money and capital to flex their political muscle. These comprise the independently wealthy corporate "old money" cronies who consistently maintain lobbies in the vestabules of the state and federal legislatures, in order to swing legislation to their best interests. The seventy percent of the electorate who are family bound wage earners working eight to twelve hours per day to put food on their tables, clothes on their children, and to pay their bills are usually not capable of being concerned about what government is doing to affect their daily lives.

The unconcerned lower middle class, upon which the greater tax burden is usually placed, is the pawn of the wealthy elite in a libertarian society. It goes with saying the the effect of diaster and terror in a nation is usually felt more by these working class pawns than by any other part of a national population. Taxes are collected by the federal and state governments of a republic for the purpose of promoting the general welfare of all the people. This is usually a written part of the theoretical constitution that is supposedly the highest law of the land. But when the taxes are collected, the result of their use by the powers-that-be is not a matter of discussion. For when the poor pawns are persuaded by the pervasive propaganda of the controlling caste that their taxes are being used for their benefit, very few, if any, dispute what are represented as the facts.

Therefore, when the majority of a theoretically libertarian nation is convinced that the federal and state governments are doing what is best for it, a fascist state can subtly evolve and flourish under the protection of the ruling elite. In essence, when the economic control of a nation-state is in the hands of a very few wealthy individuals, in order to essentially declare how much a dollar is actually worth, the free market immediately ceases to be free. That a market driven economy is inevitably manipulated by the multi-national corporations and the federal political process for the express benefit of the wealthy is a fact that is not readily accepted by a majority of a nation that is libertarian only in theory. Corporate capitalism is a creature of fascism. It thrives on the disparate needs of the federal government and the apathy and satisfaction of the population's middle and lower-middle classes. It was a wise person who once advised a nation to avoid creating a miltary-industrial complex, where corporations are enhanced by shrewd military contracts to produce for the federal government. It was also a wise leader who advised a nation to avoid entangling alliances. Yet, both of these sage admonitions are, by necessity, disregarded when fascism begins to be the prime political philosophy for governing a nation. There has to be a national enemy to oppose for a fascist philosophy to take root. Aggressive military power has to be wielded in foreign policy in order to create an ideology that promotes a super-nationalism amongst the masses. A national enemy must be effectively propagandized in order for the ignorant masses to be persuaded that fascist laws must be passed for their protection. And it is the sad lot of the ignorant to suddenly awaken in their apathy and discover that their beloved libertarian society has metamorphosed into a tyrannical fascist regime. Such is not fantasy, but a very real product of evil and its control over the minds of conspiring humans.