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Fantasy/Tragedy Story (1 Viewer)



Ok so I guess to explain all of this would be rather hard, probably take weeks to write out everything that I have in my mind about this idea I have. So to start out I guess Ill just explain what I am trying to do. Please pick my idea apart all you want. I really want to make this the best I can.

What I want to do is to create an epic world that will wow people and provide to them a whole new world unlike anything they have seen before with highly rich cultures. But at the same to provide a story that really makes people think, to question the things they believe in. I’ve always hated since I started to watch movies or read books (so like 3 or 4) that the good guy always made out in the end. At first it was the fact that everyone always lived and no one ever got hurt, which I thought was so unrealistic and cliché. As I grew though this idea matured into how these "Heroes" did a lot of damage and destruction that affected a great many people, but it didn’t matter because he was on the side of justice or was fighting for an honorable cause. It was ok to cast aside those bad things that happened because it was for the good all.

For my story though this is, to put it bluntly, a bad thing. The main character, Enduin, is a minority in this world as an Endren, a race of man with the ability to spawn wings and fly. He wishes to be a hero that all people can admire, in an attempt to bring up the image of the Endren who are seen as sub people, not trusted or liked greatly. He wants to bring his family glory and prestige, that they did not receive thirty years prior in the helping to end the Centuries War. This war lasted during the course of three centuries, 118 years in total, starting in the last years of the 22nd, covering all of the 23rd, and ending in the early 24th centuries.

Through a series of events in joining the military Enduin becomes a player on the big stage for his strength and good battle sense, his actions affect a great deal of people, yet he is still a pawn of both his beliefs and of his government, the Empire. There will be an overarching conflict for the whole story to guide the characters along, but the main objective is to show the progression of Enduin slowly allowing himself to do more extreme things because of the beliefs that he holds, the idea that it is for a greater cause, a good and pure cause that will benefit all the world. In all there will be a lot of racial and faith overtones, not really to prove any point of mine, but mainly because I believe it makes for a great story.

In stories such as these where there are two sides to the conflict, one is good and one is bad. One is righteous, honorable, and just while the other is deceiving, cruel and dishonorable. And that is how Enduin will see things. His home of Fanavar will the pure Empire protecting its people while Duadria is vile and evil place that wants nothing but to bring suffering to the world. In reality thought both of these places are very much the same. There are good people and bad people on both sides, in the highest and the lowest places of government and society.

But Enduin never sees this before the critical point. It is only after that he realizes. I really can’t compare this to any movie to describe the world, but it could be said to be like that of the LOTR, lots of action and a few big battles, swords and what have you. There aren’t beast or mystically creatures, no magic or any ring of sorts, only the Endren are pure fantasy. But if I could have this my way it would span like the Matrix or LOTR three movies. A gradual progression from low in the ranks to wielding a great deal of power, as well as a gradual progression from the honorable kind of knightly hero to someone blinded by his duty and beliefs and just as in real life never realizes it till its too late. There is no redemption; there is not great understanding to lead to a peaceful and happy end for all. He wins and get what he desired in the beginning, but when he sees what he has done to get it, it was not worth, it was not right or just or honorable.

So my question to you all is, does this sound like a good story idea? Do I have the right focus or should I be looking to create something else with this? I know its a really bare overview of what I want in terms of story details, but do you think this is something people would like to see, let alone make?