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A Kings Quest by AV Wedhorn is vol 1 of The Kingdom Chronicles. It starts out with a brutal murder of the Royal Family of Kallamar. Where it is thought that all of the family were murdered, Twenty years later a young Battlmage named Damien Daverge is told that "he" is supposed to be the heir to the throne and must prove it so before the realm disintergrates into a civil war between east and west and before his own cousin does become the ruler serving as a puppet for the men who killed his parents. In order to prove he is the heir to the throne and crown he must travel to a place called the Godshall and recover the Dragon rings that will either name him king or kill him as an imposter. He travels with a motley group of adventures including the assassin who is trying to kill him who works for his uncle the royal regent. A Kings Quest is fantastic and I can wait for the next one,,
I truly loved this book it drew me in and I thought I was living every page of the story, if anyone else wants to read a great book check this one out it is well worth it


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How is the the style refined?
How long is the book, because I hate it when I get a short book and read it in less than a day?