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Fancy Scene Separators (1 Viewer)


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This is a formatting "Tip" rather than a writing tip, but you may find it useful. This works in Microsoft Word, and I use it after I've completed a project.

I got tired of publishing "* * *" as scene separators, so I did some investigating and learned how to replace it with something more interesting.

1. Find any graphic you'd prefer to use, and place it in a convenient folder.
2. Highlight any scene separator in your document, and use Insert-->Pictures to bring your graphic into the document.
3. Select your graphic, and copy it to the clipboard
4. Use [control]-H to open the Find and Replace dialogue
5. In the Find box, type your text scene separator (such as * * * )
6. Click in the Replace box, then click "Special" at the bottom of the dialogue box, and select "Clipboard Contents"
7. Click "Format" at the bottom of the dialogue box, then Paragraph, then drop down Alignment and select "Centered"
8. Now just click "Replace all", and you have your snazzy scene separator graphic applied throughout the document.
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Very cool, vranger! Thank you for sharing. I love mixing up scene separators in my own documents.

For those looking for just the right graphic for this, you can use the word "flourish" as part of your keyword search when looking for images online. That's what those pretty, squiggly, twirly things are called. Commonly found in books of some genres.

Plus, Word has some snazzy flourish symbols built in through the Insert Symbol>Webdings / Wingdings feature.