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Falling Leaves (1 Viewer)



This is a truly amazing book and I really think that just about everyone should read it.

It's the true story of an unwanted Chinese daughter, Adeline Yen Mah. We learn of all the hardship she has faced in her life, and I truly felt for her throughout the book.

She grows up the Fifth Younger Daughter and is held responsible for the death of her mother, and only her caring Aunt Baba seems to truly love her.

Adeline grows up to escape from her parents by going to England and America, but she is never truly free from her step-mothers hatred. Even after her step-mothers death, Adeline is tormented by her.

I really reccomend it and found it to be a great read time and time again. Also there is Chinese Cinderalla, by the same author, which goes into more detail of Adelines earlier years, and is also well worth reading.

Just thought I'd put that up there.