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Faerie Wars (1 Viewer)


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I just read Faeire Wars and am starting the sequel The Purple Emporer. Overall Faerie Wars was pretty good for a kid book. A nice change from Harry Potter. Herbie Brennan is the author. I am sure many of you will dissagree, but I found this book to be rather enjoyable, although somewhat childish.
I read both of them at camp, and I agree with you. It's a kid book, and somewhat refreshing for that. It wasn't stupid, which was nice, and just generally kind of fun. An easy, fresh read, not trying to make any huge statements or change the world.



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Hmmm...I am always fascinated with books dealing with the faerie people...they're mysterious and vicious, but that's unexpected, and engages the reader.

I've never read faerie wars...but a similar book called Tithe was a great read, also another book that I loved was Jack of Kinrowan...another great novel dealing with fearies.

So I guess I'll probably like the book when I finally read it^-^


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I LOVED the book Faerie Wars and the Purple Emperor. I really like the characters and the writing is very excellent. I can't wait until the third one comes out. Also, I have read Tithe. I liked it, but it's not a match to Faerie Wars.