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Experiencing outliner's block for plotting my story (1 Viewer)


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After nearly 2 weeks of not having a computer (I got it back Sunday since it had broken 11 days before), I returned to my manuscript. I just wrote some more words today. However, I am having trouble plotting the rest of the story. I wrote ideas and changes down on index cards and posted them on a poster board, which is common for many, but unusual for me. But even just looking at it is overwhelming.
I know one thing I can do is arrange the changes in chronological order, even though a few cards have more general ideas, such as POV changes. But I don't want to take another break since I already did. I was considering brainstorming new ideas while I didn't have my computer. But that didn't work. Maybe I'll start off with placing the cards I already wrote in chronological order and seeing what happens from there. I already have 11 chapters written and almost 20,000 words.


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Go ahead and give me a synopsis. Much harder to help you without knowing what exactly I'm dealing with.


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Try focusing on other aspects of the story rather than strictly plot. Try character arcs for example.

How does your MC(s) grow and change over the course of your story? What events cause those changes?

How does character A feel about character B? Is there romance involved (I don't write romance novels, but relationships factor into all of my stories). What are their likes / dislikes about each other?

What flaws are in your characters? How can you bring those out and show them to the reader?

Where are you characters at the beginning and ending of your story?

Just start writing things down - tossing it out is easy if it doesn't work, but ideas need a starting point, and bad ones often plant seeds that grow better ones.