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Excerpt from Reverie (Course Language/Drug Themes). (1 Viewer)


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I'm using Celtx so margins, fonts, sizes, spacings are all fine. Can any adept screenwriters tell me if I've slipped up so far? The writing is of secondary importance at the moment.

EXT: Lee/Ivy's house - Evening.

A brick rental home. Weeds grow out of the cracks in the pavement and some litter is seen resting near the single car garage that is sitting against the back fence.

INT: Lee/Ivy's house.

LEE is doing some last minute cleaning. IVY is in the bathroom applying make up. He hurriedly takes the last SOCK from on the couch. The apartment is tolerably clean, albeit needing vacuuming.


Ivy, you nearly done in there? They'll be here soon and I've gotta piss.

Lee slings the sock over his shoulder.


(calls back from bathroom)

Gimme a minute. My make up needs to be just right if I'm going to have any chance with Tenner tonight. I was hoping that we'd elope and he'd woo me with dirt weed and the four and a half chords he knows on guitar.



Ha. ha. I know you don't like the guy but he's got a good heart. Besides, since you put that leash on me three years ago I haven't exactly had time to branch out and meet new people.


You should hide your guitar in the room tonight. I'm pretty sure last time he was over he played it upside down for five minutes without realising it.... Better yet, put it in the attic... And hey, at least it's one of those extendable leashes!

She smiled into the mirror after applying her make up.


You mean retractable, right?


And don't you forget it. Especially not while I'm letting Tenner into my house by invite.

Lee turfs the last RUBBISH BAG out into the backyard where other bags have been accumulating due to several missed bin days.


Bin night tonight. Make sure you don't forget to take out the trash again.



There is a knock on the door.


They're here. You answer it, I needa pee.

Ivy answers the door.

MILES and his girlfriend BAS are at the front. TENNER waves a big bag of weed that's in his hand from the back.



Hey guys...

Ivy spots Tenner waving the bag of weed around. Lee throws the sock into Ivy/Lee's bedroom.



...Tenner, if that's a bag of weed you're waving around in the air on a Saturday fucking afternoon, I'm going exercise my right as part owner...



Ivy stares daggers at Lee fondly for a moment.


... of this house... and personally shit down your throat.

Her smile was back on again.


Come on in, Miles. Bas.



... Sorry Ive. I'll do you up a freebie, howsat sound?

Ivy shoots Tenner a look disgust as Lee calls from the loungeroom and Tenner procceeds to throw the BAG OF WEED to him.

They walk in the door. Lee cups his hand over his mouth and whispers


Ase-eay up on the MS Pay.

Ivy snorts.

Tenner hears it and smiles back over his shoulder. Miles and Bas are sitting down on the couch. Bas looking especially shy and reserved.


You're both idiots... Miles, Bas. Can I get you two anything? A beer? Cider? Some new friends?


Haha, beers good.


Make that two.

Lee and Tenner are both sitting down eagerly sorting out rations of weed and don't hear them. Miles puts a FIFTY DOLLAR NOTE on the TABLE as they start to sort the WEED into bags.

Ivy walks into the kitchen as Tenner pulls out a PLASTIC ZIPLOCK BAG and fills it with POCKET SAND. Lee giggles as he cuts a mix.


Your buds on the counter, Ive.
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