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Excellent Sci-fi (2 Viewers)


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I just finished reading Ender's Game and I must say that it is an amazing book. It is by Orso Scott Card, of whom I have read a number of novels, but the " Ender" series is by far the best. I would reccomend this novel to any fan of sci-fi who has not already read it. There are two other ones in the series, Ender's Shadow and Speaker for the Dead, they look to be excellent reads. Well, I better go get started.


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It's actually Orson Scott Card, but yes, it's a great book. If you liked that, go read Speaker for the Dead. It's a sequel, but it could also work as a stand-alone. I actually thought that was better than EG. But anyway, they're both quite excellent. Also go to his website, www.hatrack.com. They have an entire RPG forum dedicated to the Battle School :)
Wow, thanks for the link Lily, and yes, Orson Scott Card is actually pretty good. Enchantment is a step back from sci-fi and more into the realm of fantasy, but I thought the reading was fun (I guess I'm a romantic fool). I definitely recommend Speaker for the Dead, but I wouldn't really recommend Xenocide and I would recommend Children of the Mind even less. Although they have interesting philosophical points, they aren't really novel and the plot is pushed beyond its limit to endure.
Oh! And I forgot to mention, you might want to check out some of his short stories. I actually found Unaccopmanied Sonata to be a beautiful piece.