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Harry Haller

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Shepard said:
Anybody else crazy about this book?

I read this a few years ago. Pretty much right after it first came out. I really loved it. I would have read it again but I loaned it to a friend who spilled something on it and ruined it. I have yet to buy another copy. Some of the images from the book still stick pretty clearly in my mind. That really says a lot considering how long it has been and the fact that I only read it once.

I usually read only classic literature. I'm not quite sure why I read this one but I thought it was fantastic. I haven't come across it at the book store either or I probably would have bought it again. I think I may have looked for it once but was unable to find it. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I will pick it up again next time I go. It really is worth a second read and possibly even more.


I just now got hold of it. I hate most new books, but after the first page I read like it was just assumed to be a classic.
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