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Eternal Larvae (1 Viewer)


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wicked... really brutal and twisted.. the purpose of the entire process is to emerge with wings...wellllll... hummmmm... ok, this is... interesting, so of course I am intrigued...


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Right?! Its the idea of a curse that allows you to make all the visible motions of transformation, but to never change at all. Hints at a kind of immortality, stuck in an endless loop. Similar to Oedipus the King, who creates his fate by running from it. Or Dorian Gray's magic painting. The idea terrifies me, thus I must write about it. Lol
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The imagery on this is marvelous. I can see that caterpillar, as he talks, reading this piece. It is that well done. You can almost see him on his leaf, staring out, pondering the whithertos and whyfores, of his present state. You are giving Carroll's Absalom a run for his money. Write on!

- D. the T. of P.B.


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Haha. What imagery? I only wish to present an idea: a curse. A caterpillar that ages and fattens then silks itself in a chrysalis then hatches, again a caterpillar while all his caterpillar friends from college all have butterfly wings. How sad.

Fats Velvet is the only one I've seen who can make me dream out a whole city with just six lines.

Thanks, nonetheless!

[EDIT] On second thought, Darkkin, I think I see what you're saying. You read it as the caterpilar speaking this over himself before entering the womb. How interesting!
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