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Essay: Worship (1 Viewer)


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Here's an essay I wrote for class. Just so you know, it is a religious peice, so yeah. I don't want to start some religious debate here, but any and all comments on the essay are welcomed!

There is a peculiar thing that can happen while driving a car, and often does. One is taught to constantly watch the road, check your mirrors every few seconds, drive with the utmost caution. Of course, this is taught for the safety of everyone, however, ones mind tends to wander and wonder while driving. Through the steady routines of gear shifts and blinkers and lights, the mind will move on to things beyond all that, and to what depends on the driver. Often, it is to friends in the car, or to a song that stirs up some memory or emotion, or to a problem, it can be anything. It’s a common sight to see cars take a few seconds to realize that a light has turned green after waiting at it, simply because the drivers did not notice the change. I myself, often have these moments, very often to be truthful, which may be why I tend to realize to late that I am driving far too fast. Though many of these brief moments amount to nothing and lead me nowhere, I have had a few golden ones that have spawned some interesting thought.

It was once, while driving a friend home from a church event, that a grand thought occurred to me. We had been talking quite a bit, but slowly our conversation began to lag. My mind wandered off as we came to stoplight, just before his home. My friend lived a bit outside of the city, so this stop left us facing open land. I studied the landscape, allowing my eyes to follow the ominous curve of the mountains, watching as the sun lowered itself. The sun sank quickly, as it does during the winter, and came to be covered by some clouds. The clouds instantly lit on golden fire, losing all their bulbous softness, becoming towering, concrete forms of nearly terrifying power. Rays of light escaped through small expanses in the golden, floating mountains, shedding light into the far hills. One beam in particular, seemed to speak of God’s majesty, as it was clear to the eye and sprayed its beauty to the world. The sky turned orange and pink, becoming an amazing burst of color and brightness, shocking the eye. The clouds of gold shifted slightly, allowing an awful beam of light to flood in my direction, and then the gold shifted again, removing this beam as quickly as it had come. God had winked at me. The entire scene was absolutely gorgeous, I could not bring myself to look away. The sun began to sink deeper, the clouds lost their Midas touch, the sky darkened, and it was over. I was suddenly aware of my surroundings, my friend was tapping my shoulder. I looked over to him, breathless, and he simply said, “Go.”. I looked up at the light and it was green. I apologized and quickly went ahead, glancing at my friend. He had been there the whole time, yet he showed not so much as slight interest in what had occurred. I asked him if he had noticed the sunset and he haphazardly replied that no, he hadn’t, and then steered the conversation to something he enjoyed, a video game.

How sad ,I found it, that he had missed such a wondrous moment, and it having occurred directly in front of him! My heart had been racing, and it seemed that I had nearly touched God, as near as I had ever been, at least. I suddenly realized that I had seen God. The sunset had been so beautiful, it hardly seemed fair to limit it’s creation to mere, soulless science. Behind the art, there is an artist who pours his soul into the art. The sky had been an epic painting, a massive canvas where God painted a scene so utterly astounding that I felt blessed to have experienced it. The very soul of God had been put to the display, showing a power that took me beyond my past perception of God. I had realized the beauty of creation, and I felt closer to the Artist.

I suddenly began to notice everything. The way water rippled, yielding to a stone. Little curves traveled over the surface of a puddle or pool, catching the sunlight here or there, making for diamonds. Birds danced through the sky, their flocks making a complicated ballet and their song serving as orchestra for the performance. Flowers revealed themselves to me, opening and speaking to me of God’s talent. The stars were something new, vividly gleaming with their master, the moon, which is as inspiring as the sun, it’s counterpart. Nature shone to me with new light, nothing was as it used to be. It was all holy and reminiscent or the Almighty Artist.

I began to notice a change in me. When I went to church, worship wasn’t the same anymore. Singing songs and praying simply wasn’t enough anymore. It was outside, watching the sky, studying a dog, that I felt at peace. In my appreciation of creation, I felt close to God. While in that stare of mind, my troubles lifted as God whispered his gifts to me, to all of man. This was a new form of worship that had come to me, not having ever been taught it in church. The one left out, felt the most touching to me. By seeing value in creation, I believe I found a new value for God, and God brought me to him. After realizing this new worship, singing was suddenly an explosion of worship, nothing like before. Now I felt God on my shoulder, comforting me, whispering His love to me, His confidence in me. I have not been the same since, my spiritual life has amplified immensely, making my life so much better and easier to cope with. Thanks to a simple sunset that opened my eyes, I have never been closer to my Creator.

thanks for reading!