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essay for English, character sketch (1 Viewer)


kathryn cort

As I picked up the phone early that morning I began dialing the number I have come to know by heart for the past four years of my life. A wave of excitement ran through my body as I listened to the ringing of the phone, anticipating the familiar voice of an old friend. I believe I even let out a slight chuckle before hearing, “Perkins Family Restaurant, how may I help you?” The voice over the phone was still the same as I had remembered it. I should know of course, with all the prank phone calls and hysterical voicemails I had received from him over the years. This was one individual, I always said, that I could never get sick of.
I can picture his slender six foot two frame standing tall, the owner of Perkins, as I come through the front entrance to begin my shift. Don’t be thrown off by the lack of hair on his head though. At thirty-six years old he is almost completely bald. However, being that he is young at heart he embraces the baldness and makes it look good. His strong towering figure and bald head makes him stand out through the crowd and everyone would agree he is the best looking bald giant they have ever seen. Aside from his eye catching appearance, have one conversation with him and you will forever be captivated by his whit, charm, and sarcasm. His easygoingness makes him very approachable which is a great quality for a boss to have, however, that does not mean that people walk all over him. He runs a tight ship and everyone is aware of their responsibilities to keep everything flowing nicely. A day at work with Michael Marshall is surely a day of surprises and adventure—he is just plain awesome.
The relationship I have with my boss I can assure you is very unique. What kind of boss calls one of his employees on a slow night to leave a message pretending to be the Customer Service of Triple A, after your car broke down on the parkway that morning? What kind of boss plays frisbee with you in the kitchen…with a pancake!? What kind of boss actually looks forward to the days you work together and dreads the day you’ll eventually leave for college? Lastly, what kind of boss sends you a card while you’re away at school with a little good luck advice and, thank god, a little cash? I have never encountered anyone, other than the employees at Perkins, fortunate enough to have a boss as spirited and good-hearted as Michael Marshall.
After a brief pause, which undoubtedly prepared me for his impending outburst, I replied, “Mike! It’s Katie. How are you?” Not to my surprise, he exclaimed before I even got the last sentence out, “Katie! Did you forget where you came from woman? You were basically born in Perkins, how are you not going to call me for two whole weeks?!” Laughter flooded the phone lines from both ends as we began reminiscing over our most memorable times together at work. Nothing compared to the dreadfully long and hectic shifts with the two of us working at the podium. Looking back, Sundays were the best. The madness of this morning shift only intensified his sarcasm and hyper-activeness and consequently, was the birthplace of the many memorable moments in Perkins history.
There are too many “Michael Marshall Moments” to name but some of them are definitely worth noting. One memorable “Michael Marshall Moment” for instance took place on a busy Sunday morning. He was calling and crossing off names at the podium when a little girl came up from behind him to ask for more crayons. As he frantically turned around to see who was behind him, he accidentally drew in green crayon, a diagonal line across the front of her shirt. The expression on his, the little girl’s, and most notably the mother’s face was priceless and I’m sure I have never laughed so hard in my life.
Two things you should never have in a room together are Michael Marshall and a microphone, which leads me to my next memorable moment. To pass the time on a slow night, myself, Michael and the rest of the staff would frequently fool around over the PA system. When there were no customers in the waiting room he would catch us off guard and say his most classic lines into the microphone such as, “Katie you’re fired.” and, “God I hate this place.” Of course he was just kidding, but the confused customers who were fortunate enough to over hear his antics would amble away with mixed feelings. The truth is, Michael Marshall refused to keep his staff bored, and we loved him for that.
As my time came to a close there I began to realize the impact my boss had not only on the employees, but on the customers as well. The so called “regulars” who some, believe it or not appeared in Perkins at least twice a day, loved coming in not only for the food, but for the slight satisfaction of possibly having a brief conversation with Michael. I honestly think that for some of these customers, simply telling Mike what they did over the weekend made their day. There is a particular couple that stands out in my mind who definitely fall under the category of being a “regular”. They are Art and Rose, the eighty-something year old couple, who everyone in Perkins has come to know and love. They are your typical sweet, old couple and for the past three years I worked the Sunday morning hostess shift they have been there, without fail, between 10 and 11 am. Michael always made sure their specific two-seater booth was ready and waiting for them when they came in. “Art and Rose, party of two, right this way” he would say every time. A plain omelet with french fries instead of hash browns was Rose’s usual. Mike would always take about ten minutes out of his busy day to sit down in a booth next to them. To other people it looked liked he was just making small talk; you know, to make the customer feel special and keep them coming back. With Art and Rose however, it was different. They had been coming in for the ten years Perkins had been open and he genuinely cared about them.
I feel extremely lucky that I have a very relaxed relationship with my boss. It is comforting to know that if I ever need someone to talk to he will always make time for me. It is even more comforting to know that whenever I need money, all I have to make is a phone call, and he will give me a pretty decent shift for the weekend. He has an extremely successful business, a hard working staff who only wishes to please and customers that can’t get enough of him. I would say he has mastered the challenge of managing a restaurant, and to top it off, he absolutely loves his job. His exceptional charismatic personality and witty sense of humor undeniably makes him stand out from everyone, but I know it’s really his big heart that keeps the customers coming back to Perkins. I hope that everyone is some day fortunate enough to meet such an individual as remarkable as my boss, Michael Marshall.


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I have no idea your age or experience as a writer, but you show innate ability. The little stuff, like most of us, gets you, i.e., ...shouldn't use a qualifier before the word 'unique,' it's either unique or it isn't, no part way:) Keep writing, you have a knack...Glenn