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Escape this race (1 Viewer)


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This is where we want to be,
free from the pace of modern life.
The view and peace we have is something we need.
We've trod many a road to get to this place.
Now we can be together and relax.

Don't you wish all life was like this,
there'd be no need to rush
or to feel ill at ease.
This is how life should be

Well work can keep you sane,
but you need time to breath.
Life is too quick to keep up,
with this race
If only this could last.
This tranquility we've found.
Alas if you want money.
To escape this race,
is pure folly.
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commas after rush and race not needed - let those two little r words do their own sound thing. Not sure if you want comments on the work, they seem very personal, perhaps written for someone specific in mind? Thank you for the read.


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Thank you dannyboy for your comments. I'm always open to help so your comments are taken in a positive way.