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The following is a copy & paste job from my doo dah blog - hey nobody's reading it there, and I figure that I can double the readership with no sweat at all by also posting it here.

Welcome to a brand new feature segment here at the DooDah Blog. This segment is so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet.

I know, in advance, that I’ll never get it together to deliver quality content on a daily basis, or probably even on a regular basis – so maybe I should call it “The Whenever The Hell I Can Get It Together Feature”? That works for me. How about you?

I’d like to deliver thought-provoking, in-depth commentary on important social issues. Well … in my dreams. In reality, I know that my mind cannot fathom the depths of the truly important social issues of our times. I barely have the mental acuity to scratch the service of peripherally important matters (and at least I am honest enough to admit it). So maybe I should call it “My Shallow Views”. Nah, I don’t like that.

I’d like to share with you my insight into the psyche of Pop American Culture by presenting biting satire designed to cleverly manipulate your mind into asking probing questions – questions that will bulldoze the landscape of stupidity into a more reasoned habitat. MAN, that sounds good. But I’d be doing well to encourage an occasional “huh?” So maybe I should call this segment “Small Slices Of Pop Culture”?

Well, I’d better quit with the wondering about the name and get to the meat and potatoes of my very first new segment:

“The Whenever The Hell I Can Get It Together
To Present My Shallow Views
Of Small Slices Of Pop Culture”

Episode 1 – In Which Dugie Runs From Dog

I heard a news bite (no pun intended) about 3 Rottweiler dogs that attacked 6 people. And, being the sicko that I am, I immediately wondered if the attack was an orchestrated 2 dogs per person type of affair or more of a “Chinese Fire Drill” event where dogs and people were all hell-bent in a clamor of biting Vs attempts to avoid being bitten.

Now, of course it ain’t even funny – people being attacked by dogs. But there I was giggling to myself and thinking, “gee, if I’d a been that 6th person, I’d a got the hell out of there before fido could sink his teeth into me”.

I don’t know the particulars, and I don’t want to know - I might not be able to laugh it off if I knew all of the gory details. I need to have some kind of over-simplified “Aesop Moral” to the story, and knowing all the facts would get in the way. So, I’ll just run with the 10-second sound bite version of reality, and offer this:

If you see 5 people getting attacked by 3 dogs, get the hell out of Dodge before you become #6.

Well, that’s it for Episode 1. How did I do? (You know of course, that most folk asking the question “how did I do” only want your answer if you thought they did just fine. And I’m no exception.)

May the Farce Be With You.

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Insanity and Sincerity
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