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Encased In White Clockwork (91000 Novel) (1 Viewer)

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TITLE: Encased In White Clockwork

GENRE: Fantasy and Mecha


BLURB: In a time of magic, the all-powerful Cohorts of the Faithful controls much of the world, but many are willing to fight them. A conflict is coming, one where massive suits of amour known as Power amour will face off against each other. Powered by white clockwork they are capable of much destruction and chaos. In this world two lovers Elena and Mae will by chance face off against each other as controllers of the amours. They must work out what they are fighting for and if it is worth the price as each faces the family that shaped them as a new world is shown to them. Yet, all could be lost as the Cohorts will do anything to maintain their world order, that includes levelling a city.

Add to this mix Mako, a mage who is unsure of himself who’s magic could power either side on to victory. The so-called Bard King, Jackson, a broken soul lost to grief and his own daemons that could become a key figure in events to unfold. It seems that all outcomes might be possible. That is even before we get to the angel that appears to be reaching out, linking the souls about to fight.

Blood will flow. Buildings and bodies alike will be broken, and much will come to light. All powered by white clockwork. It is ticking, a sound that will change the world.

SENSITIVITY CONTENT: Drug missuse, violence

AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: For a teen audience up, yet it is mainly aimed at adults. This is for anyone that likes fantasy. (Thinking, Wheel of Time or Mistborn)

EXPECTATIONS: Looking for feedback on the plot mainly, I do have someone editing the story as well. Yet anything that makes the story better would be good.

TIMESCALE: By the 31st of January 2020 (that is not hard and fast)

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Word doc, PDF, google doc, as an ebook, (you suggest it, and I will see if it is possible)

OTHER INFORMATION: This is my second novel, but the first one where I am looking for beta readers. To get an idea of my style, you can check out Project Eye on amazon.
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Hey Cavex,

I'd be willing to give this a read if you are still looking for somebody.

Should be able to get it done by the end of January. I would give you an overall of how I felt as a reader and could provide LBL of certain sections if needed, also I will be making notes as I go.

I haven't critiqued for a while but will give it my best.

PM me if needed

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Thanks, NFG for your offer, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Thanks to the work of my editor, I'm currently doing a new draft of the text, then I will decide what to do after that. I may still ask for your help as any feedback will be useful for me.

Thanks, Cavex
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