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Emulator II by Eugen M. Bacon (1 Viewer)


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Emulator II
Eugen M. Bacon
Double Dragon Publishing

Emulator II is a very short dramatic story that starts with the murder of a person called Banjo. At the time, the only real thing we know about Banjo is that he is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, he has been accused of stealing scientific research from a Professor Alistair Patterson, and he’s dead. It would seem that Patterson would be the chief suspect in the case. That is, until Patterson ends up dead himself.

The concept, characters, and overall storyline of this story have a good deal of potential. I rather enjoyed reading this piece. However, since the text is so very short, the author never really got a chance to delve into the meat of character development or into the background of these characters which would have added a lot more depth, strength, and length to the overall work.