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Emma by Jane Austen (1 Viewer)



I was wondering if anyone read Emma by Jane Austen. I wasn't sure if I should read it. The plot seems interesting, but I wasn't sure if it was a good book to spend my time on. So what is your opinion about it? Does it have a good plotline? It sounds lame for me to be asking such things. But I'm really curious to see how this novel became a classic.


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Emma was good, but Pride & Prejudice is better. I love Jane Austin (I know many people don't) but none of her books are a waist of time in my opinion. They are fun, and provide brain candy (things to imagine about/inspire/daydream about) for days. Perhaps not life changing information, but definantly fun.

Mike C

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Avril_rocks07 said:
But I'm really curious to see how this novel became a classic.

You'll really look a lot less stupid if you read the book before asking questions that open you to ridicule.


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You're so kind, Mike.

Emma was good... go for it, there's a lot of life out there and not a lot of time for indecision.

Olly Buckle

Have you come across Fay Weldon, she wrote a book called "Letters to Emma" I think it is, which takes the form of a series of letters to her niece who can't understand why Jane Austen has any relevance. It started me reading her and I spent a whole summer going through them one by one, she has a wicked sense of humour and I now know where Mrs Norris, Filch the caretakers cat from Harry Potter, got her name, most appropriate it is too.
Sorry, I just looked it up, the Fay Weldon is called "Letters to Alice: on first reading Jane Austen"
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