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Hey i'm new here (obviously), and i figured i'd start here..anyways, my name is Eleyna and i am 14 years old. I love writing and aspire to be an author, even if i wind up getting only one book published. i've had a short story published in a magazine type thing called "Stone Soup" awhile back. I mostly write fantasy and go through different areas of it. Like, my first and only novel i ever wrote a year ago has a werewolf-ish plot. now i am into writing superhero-themed stories. i like to hear what people think of my writing, but i don't always trust my friends to tell me if it is bad or not, so i came here seeking to improve my writing with help from fellow writers. I don't write as much or as well as i'd like to, but i do have stories, if only one or two, that i think i will post.
well i think that's enough to bore people with. i hope i get to meet a lot of writers on here :)