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Yo, my name is Haruhi! I'm sixteen years, and, doi, I write - actually, I love to write. Even though I have a lot of troubles with third person, even though its my favorite way of writing. I've been writing since I was four - or as soon as I started talking, I was already telling stories. I'm both a Writer, Artist, and an Actress - Acting is how I develope my characters, and come up with stories. And I also direct and make scripts for my own theatre plays && movies.

I use to read a lot - although I've rescently gotten bored of reading, but I try to read as much as possible, even so. I've published four stories - one about a mother who looses her daughter to drunk driving on Christmas Day, one about a girl who has the ability to tell the future and is locked up in an abandoned house by her adoptive mother who comes to visit her only when she wants the girl to predict the outcome on the lottery - the women dissapears, and the girl slowly dissapears. Then I wrote one about an older man, whos wife and children all died, and he meets a man at his summer home, who also lost his entire family. The man commits suicide, and the main man was called the scene, because he works for the Chicago Investigator's Office - and he finds a note addressed to him in the man's writing, scrawled on it says; "Angels Dance Beautifully." And the last story is about a man who grew up with his family in a renovated School house in England, and he fell in love with a younger girl there, who was very wild and got into a lot of trouble. Twenty years later, at the reunion, he finds their "time box", which they had written letters to each other before they moved out of the home to read at the reunion. Hers reveals that she probably won't live to see twenty years later - because she is sick. The man visits her grave, then returns to the hotel to be with his wife and children on their vacation.

Yeah, anyway - those were published in magazines and such... but, yup - I like writing. At this point in time I'm working on two novels. One about a High School girl in New York, who has been in love with her Childhood friend from Japan for many years - but when the guy comes to New York, she finds out he is engaged, and there is another guy there who is trying to make her remember the summer she spent in Japan. And the other one is about Vampires - yay! Vampires. The main character moves to a small California town, and meets a boy there - although she doesn't know yet, he is a vampire. And, you get the idea of it. Vampire loves human. Yatta yatta yatta. Yup. XD I'm here to mostly get help writing those stories.

Anyway, I'm typing way too much - so. I hope to have fun here, learn some good stuff and also get some help on my writing styles and such. Kay --

Haruhi -
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Hey there and welcome to the forum, Haruhi! :)

Hope to be reading some of your work soon.