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Eldest: The Stunning Follow-up (1 Viewer)


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JK Rowling did not rip off more than Paolini. Sorry, but I've read both, and no. There is no book that I have ever read in which I recognized more elements from well known authors.


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i liked eragon but i read eldest and i cant read it again. its SO BORING i was reading thinking will he just DIE already and end our misery.
i found some scenes grotesque in desription, seens ment to be sad were hikarious.

also about the 15 thing he STARTED at 15 and he finished at 20 also he's now like 25


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Actually, he started "Eragon" at 15 and ended at 18, but that doesn't excuse how awfully cheesy "Eldest" was. I saw his inclusion of the bath, toothbrush, etc. as a sad shortcut to an end. I thought by the second book he would have found some selfesteem that would allow for him to branch out with his own ideas, but when I read his description of the elves, I just about gagged.

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