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Eating your words. (1 Viewer)

Dr Hooss

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As we all know writing is a passion, that I'm sure all of us here have. My other passion is growing mushrooms and I like to combine the two sometimes, in what I call eating my own words. I gather all of my print offs of my work from various courses and writers groups I've attended and inoculate them with mushroom spawn. Unfortunately I don't have any photos at the moment. I also get damaged books from the local charity shop (thrift store) which I also inoculate and do have pictures of. Does anybody else have a second passion they combine with their writing? Also if anybody would like to eat their own words PM me and I can help.


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I have inoculated logs of Lion's Mane and Shitake. I grow them under my corkscrew willow. I use them almost solely for a Thanksgiving stuffing I make every year with fresh oysters.

I don't write with them. But I do enjoy something I call Bryophytography. I have a great patio with a concrete floor and a path of broken paving stones leading to it. I haven't done this in several years, but I used to collect pads of moss and grind them up with some milk and paint it onto the concrete and stone to do little pithy sayings. If all goes well, moss grows in the shape of the writing. At least to some degree and for a little while. When it's done you have a soft, if slippery, carpet to enjoy barefooted.

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Dr Hooss

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I've always wanted to try doing that with moss,, never to round to it, seen it done though and think it's cool.

I've yet to do logs just not got the space. I'm currently working on designing recylcing systems using mushrooms for recycling fabrics and paper/cardboard that's not suitable for recycling.