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earworm about demonic furbies???? (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
can anyone suggest a way to get rid of this song that is just on loop in my head... lyrics below.. does anyone have a way to get rid of ear worms altogether because this is the third time I have heard this song in to month.. the first time my voices were singing it. the second and third now it has just been caught in my head... lol.. I is 1:30 am and this is what my brain chooses to do... it is not a bad tune.. it is just the wrong hour for it to be speeding through my brain.. lol..

demonic furbies... give me a treat... buh ba ba bump.... make them the cutest that I've ever seen...given the skin like chocolate, caramel or clover... heck.. you can send them right on over... demonic furbies....


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last thing.. sorry for the double post but also sorry if I posted this song before.... lol..


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Media Manager
To the tune of Mr. Sandman, right? Great. Now I've got it. Just when I thought I'd made my peace with our cute fluffy overlords, they find new ways to torment me . ;)

Olly Buckle

The only way I know is to replace it with something else, that way you at least get to choose what it is. I usually repeat a Bob Marley verse a few times in my head, 'cause reggae is another bag.