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E-Mails in a Vampire Town (1 Viewer)

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E-Mails in a Vampire Town

By MrBillyD

A high school girl is trying to become a vampire; but she's never had much luck with guys. Not even the un-dead ones.


Hello Jake the Vampire:

I’m Mallory, the girl who you stood up this past weekend. I am a 16 year old high school girl, who’s never had any luck with guys; not even you undead ones. You and I agreed that this weekend you’d see to it that my luck would change; but it didn’t. Now I’d like you to explain to me why it didn’t.

I am a Sangreville High School girl; and here in Sangreville, we high school girls are always getting killed by vampires. Saturday night it was my turn, and Loretta’s turn and Roxanna’s turn.

We were asking for it. Dressed to kill (That not a figure of speech in Sangreville.) in shorts and halters, looking to pick up guys and do the deed. We’d put ourselves on the menu this past Saturday night.

Three vamps had us pinned down, pressing our bare backs against the pavement, in the parking lot behind the Laundromat. It’s one of the local spots where Sangreville’s vampires prefer to dine.

In the dark shadows behind the Laundromat, Loretta and Roxanna were squirming, squealing and dying beside me. Kevin’s fangs were stabbed deep inside Loretta’s neck, and Victor’s fangs were killing Roxanna the same way; but my vamp Bertram was taking forever to get started.

“Come on!” I told him, “Get on with it already!”

Then his cold mouth was against my neck. His heavy sharp fangs began stabbing.

I squealed! I started to squirm!

I felt his fangs pull out, and his cold tongue licking the puncture holes.

He isn’t killing me? I wondered. He’s nibbled and he’s taking sips?

“Bertram.” I asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I can’t kill you Mallory.” He said, “It’ll put me in too much danger.”

“Ahrgh!” I bellowed, “I don’t believe this! Every time I get nailed by a vampire, there’s never any follow through! All I get is this nibble and sip crap! Is there something the matter with me?”

“No. It isn’t you. I’m hungry for your body and blood Mallory. I want to make a feast out of you.”

“Then why aren’t I dying right now, like Loretta; and Roxanna who’s already dead, instead of listening to you talking about it?”

“You were best friends with Justine Salinski, the Vampire Hunter.”

“But Justine was killed six months ago.” I told him, “You Vampires are in charge in Sangreville now. The three of us are adapting to the way things are now, and we’ve decided that it’ll be best for us to join your team.”

He said, “We’ll only be in charge ‘til the new Hunter shows up. That should be any day now.”

“Oh! Stop being a freaking weenie Bertram! Act like a vampire and kill me already!”

Then Bertram was gone; so were Kevin and Victor.

Loretta and Roxanna were dead on the pavement beside me. Their bodies were fatally drained of blood; just like anyone would expect them to be, and just like I’d expected to be myself.

The three of us had planned to come back undead, and transfer to the night classes at Sangreville High together. That’s where all the freshly vamped, really cool kids are enrolling, and Loretta and Roxanna are sure to start dating cooler guys than Kevin and Victor;

But instead of that, I had to show up at school alive on Monday morning, with a hicky!

Back to Saturday night: I got up off the pavement and left the two dressed to kill girls, lying dead behind the Laundromat. I decided to head on down to the Casket Club, the local teen hangout, where there’s always plenty of action going on. There was no way I’d have got out of that place alive, that night.

I stepped out of the parking lot, onto the dark side street, just off Main Street. Here a different vampire had a trim figured woman in shorts and a halter, gripped tight in his arms, with his fangs chomped deep into her neck, and he was sucking the life out of her fast.

He was you, Jake; the coolest vampire stud in all of Sangreville!

I thought. This is great! Who needs Bertram? I’m one lucky gal tonight!

How do you like this Jake? Now that the Hunter’s gone, you’ve got women lining up for you!

The woman in your arms was dying...dying...dead. You let go of her, and she collapsed to the pavement. I recognized the successfully dressed to kill woman, lying dead at your feet. She was Miss Morris, my 10th Grade History Teacher. It looked like she’d be joining the other undead members of the faculty, who’ve now begun teaching night classes at Sangreville High.

I walked up to you, as you belched softly.

“Hi Jake.”

“Good evening Mallory”, you said.

“Jake.” I told you, “I hope you’re not too busy. I’d like you to do me a favor. Could you just take a minute, and give me a kill?”

“I’d love to Mallory, but it seems like everyone in town wants to get vamped tonight. She’s the third meal I’ve had this evening, and I’m totally stuffed. I just can’t force another gulp down.”

“Ahrgh!” I howled again. “I don’t believe this!”

“It’s okay Mallory.” You told me, “Just come back here tomorrow night, right after sunset. I promise to make you my very first kill, and it won’t be like this wham-bam thank you ma’am. I’ll do you in, the way a lady should be done in. We’ll make a night of it.”

“’A night of it’?” I smiled, “You mean a date? A date with death?”

“Exactly.” You told me, “Dinner, dancing and death.”

Then I spoke to you, uneasily. “Jake. Since it’s gonna be a real date, instead of just a kill, could you do me one favor, before you kill me?”

“That depends.” You asked “What is it?”

“Well, one thing I don’t want to do is die a virgin.”

“You?” You said, “You mean you’re 16 and you haven’t…”

“Yeah, and neither have a lot of other 16 year old girls, along with a lot who are older than me. I hope that isn’t a problem for you.”

You told me, “No problem at all Mallory. I’ll be glad to take care of that for you!”

I said, “Thank you Jake!”

So the next night I showed up at the same spot, again dressed to be killed, this time by the coolest vampire stud in all of Sangreville. But you never showed up! I waited there for three hours, but you never showed up for our date!
Now I’d like you to explain to me why you didn’t?

Thank you.


Hello Mallorie:

I truly apologize for standing you up. The idea of penetrating your eager warm body with my fangs in your neck; and your warm blood gushing into my mouth while I gulped it all down, was something I had no intention of passing up.

As a matter of fact, I was on my way to meet you at the time and place where we agreed. I’d just turned the corner from Main Street into the dark side street, and saw you standing there. I truly was ready to pounce and vamp you, then and there. The problem was that you weren’t alone.

You were speaking with a dark haired young woman with Latin American features, a few years older than you. I don’t know if she identified herself to you; but I knew who she was. She was Pilar Martinez; the new Vampire Hunter herself. If you remember, she was carrying a large handbag. To me it looked big enough to contain a sharpened wooden stake.

I quickly retreated back around the corner onto Main Street; where I waited to see what she would do.

It’s a good thing for you that Bertram had been a weenie the night before. If he had vamped you, and you were standing there with your brand new fangs on display, Ms. Martinez might have rammed that stake through your heart; and you’d have never dated me, or anyone else again; not even Bertram.

I wasn’t close enough to hear what either of you were saying. You only spoke for a few minutes. Then she stepped away from you and moved further away from the lights of Main Street, going deeper into the darkness. I had a good idea of where she was going, and I wanted to get there ahead of her. If I did, I’d be ready to put an end to her, before she put an end to Loretta, Roxanna, Kevin, and Victor, and eventually you. I’m sure you wouldn’t have wanted to that to happen to any of them; and not even to Bertram.

Maybe I should have come over and explained things to you then; but I didn’t think I’d have the time. Well I would have had enough time to take a moment and give you a kill, as you’d originally asked; but I had promised to give you an entire evening of dinner, dancing and death; and that’s exactly what I still intend to do, if you still want it.

Now to get back to what I did do with Pilar Martinez. It turned out, that as a Vampire Hunter, her skills were barely adequate. She tried to fight me, but I got my fangs in her neck easily, killing her with no problem at all. You may have seen the TV News Report, showing the headless body of a young woman, who was found with a sharp wooden stake sticking out from between her naked breasts. She was Pilar Martinez: Vampire Hunter.

I now have her head in a clear plastic Ziploc bag. I’m wondering if I should give it to you as a gift, when we finally do go on our date. Would you like to reschedule it for this coming Saturday night?


Hello Roxanna:

This past Saturday night, Jake and I finally kept our date that he’d had to postpone. That’s when he finally did everything to me that we’d both wanted.

What a night Jake and I had. He took me to the classiest restaurant in town, where l actually dined on Lobster. He only drank one glass of wine. Then we went to the Casket Club, where both of us slow danced. Bertram was there alone. He looked angry when he saw me with Jake. I ignored him. I saw you and Loretta there, accompanied by Kevin and Victor. When you saw me still alive and with Jake, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but it looked to me like both you girls were envious.

Then I left the Casket Club with Jake.

He and I did not return to the same spot, where he killed Miss Morris the weekend before. We went to his place, where we were naked in his bed. He held me tight in his arms, while he penetrated me, first sexually, with an orgasm included! Then he penetrated me again, this time in the vampire way. He chomped his fangs deep inside my neck, and he sucked my blood out very fast. I was quickly getting weak, weaker, weaker. Dying, dying, dying, having another orgasm! Dying! Dead.

I’m inclosing a copy of a photo he took of me, lying naked, ravished and dead on his bed; like a girl who dates a vampire should be. Finally!

Now I’ve revived undead, with a brand new pair of fangs, I will be among the vampire students, attending night classes at Sangreville High. Now here’s a problem. You and Loretta will both start dating much cooler guys than Kevin and Victor; but what am I gonna do about Bertram?

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